How to Get a Quarter Million Plays on Soundcloud

Author : 6AM
December 06, 2017

How to Get a Quarter Million Plays on Soundcloud

For many artists who were previously struggling to find their audience, Soundcloud has been an heaven-sent platform since it entered the music scene back in 2007. As a mostly free resource with a wide reach, Soundcloud has made it possible for aspiring artists to share their music to anyone across the globe through the internet.

But as with any technology, Soundcloud can be a challenge as well, especially for those who do not have the know-how on tapping the platform’s potential to reach as wide of an audience as possible. Fortunately, there are ways to go about it, as explored by Music x Tech x Future.

Based largely on his experience with the platform, the author shares a few tips when utilizing Soundcloud:

  • Participate actively in the new, emerging online scenes. Take time to comment on tracks and connect with amazing new talent emerging from the internet, rather than from a particular network of DJs, and it will help build your network. Take the opportunity to share your Soundcloud content on these channels as well, once you have been granted permission by the original writer of that post.


  • Try to win followers via social listening platforms like


  • Take time to create short mixes and post them on YouTube in order to find new audiences. Don’t forget to share them on social media like Facebook and Twitter as well.


  • Do not be content in just having a following; own that following. Connect them to your presence in many places, like getting their email addresses so you can send regular newsletters to let them know about your new music. If you’re slightly ahead of the curve, they know they’ll always discover new artists through you.


  • The music scene is small, so it is best to help out fellow artists. Make an effort to acknowledge their music and direct people to them when needed.


  • Be consistent and productive. This helps build an image of a hardworking artist who always strives to make good music through constant efforts.


  • Use follow gates such as The Artist Union to increase your social following and interaction.


  • Work alongside other SoundCloud accounts to feed off of one another to build your following. Do it organically through personal connections or consider a service such as SCPlanner.