How to Get a Million Live Views on YouTube: 8 Tips & Tricks

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 14, 2021

How to Get a Million Live Views on YouTube: 8 Tips & Tricks

Anyone with even a little knowledge of YouTube video hosting knows that the ranking algorithm contains such an indicator as the number of views. The more people watch the video, the higher the ranking system will raise it, and in the best case, bring it to the top.

Moreover, views are different in their structure: there are organic ones and cheats made by bots.

Well, we mention the second option only because it has a place to be. Its use threatens to block the channel and is not recommended for implementation.

So let’s discover more about organic views and how to get them.

#1. Make videos answering questions people ask Google

Making “egocentric” clips like “what do I use” is one of the most common blunders rookies make.

In reality, no one cares who you are or what you do if you are not a well-known blogger.

As a result, it is preferable to focus on themes with high search traffic potential. “Best gear for YouTubevideos”, for example. Your videos are more likely to be watched by viewers if you choose topics with high search traffic potential and bring them to the top of YouTube results. Even if you don’t have any subscribers, this method works.

#2. Write intriguing headlines

Even if your video ranks #1, no one will watch it if no one clicks on it – it’s obvious. That’s why you’ll need a catchy title to get people’s attention.

This isn’t to say that you should create clickbait names; if they’re false, your channel’s credibility will suffer.

Include major keywords in the headlines, keep them short, and concentrate on the viewer’s advantage. Justify why the user should watch your video.

#3. Make attractive covers

Not only headlines but also creative covers influence the increase in the conversion rate.

Make them intentionally catchy.

Don’t select still frames from your video. They tend to be uninteresting and incomprehensible without context. Better make a unique picture that will attract everyone’s attention.

Use images that meet the viewer’s expectations. Your cover should show that the video will answer the user’s query.

Also, use contrast to your advantage. YouTube’s primary colors are white, gray, and red. Avoid using these colors on both covers and YouTube banners to avoid confusion with search results. By the way, do not forget about the size of visuals on YouTube. If you are tired of googling image sizes every time, just use a free image resizer. To find it, click here.

Moreover, we advise placing informative text on the cover. Use something short that complements the title.

#4. Make full use of metadata

Since this has the potential to affect conversion rates, it’s worth making it as interesting as possible.

While the first couple of lines are perhaps the most important, don’t neglect the rest of the text in the description as well. It’s a great resource that encourages viewers to view your other videos, subscribe to your channel, and do many other things that are helpful to you.

Also, make sure you include the optimal number of keywords. Don’t overdo it, but also make sure you don’t mention one less than required.

#5. Post your videos on the forums you visit

There is a chance that your videos will help people find answers to questions they ask in forums, as well as on dedicated Q&A sites like Quora.

But to effectively use this tactic, don’t answer questions anywhere. It’s better to find the most relevant topics that have constant traffic from Google and reply there.

#6. Embed your videos in blog if you have one

Everything is very clear here – if you have a blog, you should embed your videos in suitable articles.

How do you figure out which pages to put videos on? Well, just follow common sense. You should include a video on the same topic as one of your blog entries if you have one.

#7. Mark “key points” on Google by adding timestamps

Sometimes, Google shows key points that allow people who are looking for certain information to skip part of the video and go directly to the marked points.

Today, Google is more likely to showcase these “key points” when displaying your videos if you’ve added timestamps and comments to your YouTube video description. And this is another way to get views.

#8. Collaborate with more successful channels

Collaborating with your rivals, particularly the more successful ones, can help you gain much-needed YouTube visibility.

Final bonus tip

Remember that you may use your current audience outside of YouTube as well. If you have an email list or a social media following, make sure to share your video with them.

Finally, request that your audience “like” and “share” your videos. Yes, it’s a tried-and-true ploy, but there’s no harm in including this CTA at the end of your video.