How Mary Jane Defines Her Style of Sound

Mary Jane
Author : Daisy Magana
December 06, 2021

How Mary Jane Defines Her Style of Sound

Mary Jane, an Electronic, House, and Indie DJ/Producer living in Miami, Florida who finds her inspiration to create music from nature and art. This young artist is dedicated, versatile, and passionate about her music. Her career has been growing at a fast pace, having the pleasure of performing at amazing venues in the US, Greece, and Mexico alongside top-tier DJs like The Martinez Brothers, Diplo, Amtrac, Elderbrook, Lubelski, Yulianiko, DJ Tennis, Paul Johnson, Stacey Pullen, Audiofly, Birds Of Mind, Unders and Moon Boots among others. Today, we sat down with Mary Jane to get to know her on a more personal level and find out what her plans for the future are.

Hi Mary, thank you for coming in. Can you begin by telling us a little bit about yourself. What was your introduction to electronic music and when did you decide you wanted to focus on becoming a DJ/Producer? 

Thank you very much for having me! I was born in Kentucky, USA but I grew up in Canada with my mom who has been making music my entire life. I watched her build studios in her tiny bedroom, taught herself the Cubase DAW production software, guitar, and many other instruments. She was never really into electronic music so I was lucky enough to naturally gravitate towards it around the age of 14. I always wanted to create music and by the age of 17, I knew it’ll be my career after I made my first song with my best friend. I was singing the choruses, he was rapping. It was called ‘Daydreaming’ and I wish I still had it but unfortunately, it got lost in the abyss of his computer when he passed away in 2018. I often make music in his memory and he drives me to stay focused. He’s one of the biggest influences on my life.

“I started to teach myself how to DJ in 2017, but my roommate and I sold our CDJs because we didn’t know how to use them at the moment. During that time, I was also very focused on teaching yoga which is also a deep passion of mine. I started learning how to use Cubase, and Ableton in 2019 and then, bought my controller to teach myself to DJ once and for all. Since then it has been a consistent flow.

This year I went through school for Ableton and now I’m in my own studio every day.”

If at first you don’t succeed, try again and again.

That is amazing! Thank you for sharing. Now, what inspires you the most while creating new music?

Honestly love, and magic.  I really have a hard time creating when I have no muse, if I’m not making music with my heart, it just doesn’t get made. So, if you’re an important person in my life prepare to have music made about you!

Who’s your biggest inspiration in the music industry?

It’s a tough tie between James Blake and Radiohead.  James Blake is a long-time DJ and producer who continues to be the definition of “creatively talented”, in my opinion. Radiohead has been there for me through a lot and I also consider them genius, they both have major influences on my sound and writing.

And what can you tell us about your plans (musically), for the near future?

Well, I can honestly say that I have about 100 unfinished projects currently. I’m working on multiple different EPs. Trying to grasp my sound and express myself in all ways that I feel I can.

“You will have some sexy electronic music very soon, and I’m working on an entire Indie project that has a lot of my vocals on it”.

Mary Jane on what people can expect from her musical projects.

Groovy, love it! How do you describe yourself as an artist?

I would say that I am multifaceted for sure. I enjoy creating in so many different ways. I want to produce my own masterpieces, I want to make music for other artists, movie soundtracks, music videos, etc. I just love the art of intertwining music with reality. Truly capturing the energy and being able to share it in art.

What advice would you give to upcoming artists like yourself?

Understand that if this is something you want the only way it will work (and be genuine) is if it comes from the heart. Be here for the right reasons. For music, create because you want to, not because it’s cool or fun. And don’t stop, invest money, invest time, sacrifice sleep… a lot of it. Dedication and discipline are required the whole way.


You are just starting your career and have shared the DJ booth with top-tier artists. That being said, please tell us about your experience performing with The Martinez Brothers?

To this day this is still one of the wildest experiences of my life. If you know the Martinez Brothers energy, you know it was one crazy time. I can honestly say it was life-changing, I laughed, I cried, and I played some really good music. It was an honor to open for them I can’t wait to do it again.

Sounds like a great night. How about your latest performances in the same event as Diplo?

This was one of the biggest shows I’ve done just because it was a special Halloween event and the lineup was filled with a lot of talent, the most I’ve ever played with at once.  Diplo closed it out and brought an awesome crowd that had amazing energy. I am very grateful for this experience. It was my most recent show and it brought a lot of attention to how hard I’m working so I’m excited to see what happens next!

What is your creative process and DJ setup?

My creation process has started to be constant. I have a constant desire to be in the studio but I am most creative in the middle of the night, and I often stay up until 8 AM creating. In my studio, I have two turntables for Vinyl and a Zone 92 mixer and in my living room, I have a pioneer controller that I use to record mixes on and play for my friends.

Last but not least, what can people expect from you in the near future?

A world tour, music releases, and music videos to accompany them. Be ready!

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