How EDM Is Impacting Modern Online Slots

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 27, 2022

How EDM Is Impacting Modern Online Slots

Electronic dance music, or EDM, has had a big influence on the wider video game market over the years. It originally began as a collection of House, Trap, and Drum n Bass for nightclubs, but in recent years, EDM has made its way into video games. For example, The Verge reports EDM music producer Marshmello had his music featured in a concert on the video game Fornite which attracted 10.7 million viewers globally.

Today, it seems that video games and music go hand in hand to give players a new kind of gaming experience. EDM continues to influence evolving game genres, such as the online casino industry. In fact, EDM is helping shape the industry in a handful of ways, and it’s not always obvious.

To prove our point, here are three areas where EDM has influenced modern online slots.


1. Background Music

Online casino games create immersive worlds that give the players more than a simple casino experience, and they do this with graphics and sound. This is demonstrated by the Foxy Bingo online slot titled Slingo Advance, which uses a slow but progressive EDM background track to build up the player’s mood. A faster track type of EDM that’s a little more aggressive could be used on slots with a more robust style, such as Gangsta City Slots based on Grand Theft Auto – with electronic techno and house background soundtrack. EDM as background music, whether slow and progressive or dance-like, is a great way to connect the players to the game, especially within the world of online slots.


2. Themes

We’ve touched upon creating a game theme with EDM, which can be done in several ways. Slots that use bright colors and streaks of neon go well with uplifting music and fast beats, which mimic a nightclub theme. This differs from simply using music – an EDM theme is a disco-themed or rave-themed online slot machine with graphics and imagery that complement the music. With the increased sound capabilities of EDM music synced with a slot machine, the tempo can increase when a player wins or goes into bonus rounds. Alternatively, the music can also slow down and change to a lower tone when the player loses or runs out of credits. This could help the player get further absorbed into the game, thus providing a more immersive online slot experience.


3. Licensing

Top rock and pop bands have licensed online slot machines, such as Jimi Hendrix, Guns N’ Roses, and Kiss. Deadmaus has done the same with the new Deadmau5 online slot game from Microgaming. They’ve launched their latest exclusively branded title game and have incorporated his iconic cube with a scatters feature alongside Rolling Reels. Other EDM stars could license games, such as online slot machines or other casino games, as a way to help keep their brand relevant and gain exposure through the online gaming market. Plus, it’ll give them bragging rights because they’ll be able to say that they have their own game – literally.

EDM has been around for many years, and now it’s made its way into online slots. Its versatility has proven to be a useful tool in creating an immersive environment for online slots. Close your eyes, feel the beat, and spin away!

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