How Does Electronic Music Influence Casino Winnings?

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August 26, 2020

How Does Electronic Music Influence Casino Winnings?

Guest Post by Cody Dawkins 

There is power in music. As the popular saying goes, music is medicine to the soul. This explains why any successful casino will be sure to use the power of electronic music to encourage people to spend more time on their premises. Music affects people differently. And it can be used to control how a person thinks, feels, and behaves.

Numerous studies have linked music to peoples’ neurology. People use music to feel better about themselves. For instance, most people listen to romantic songs when they’ve fallen in love or upbeat songs when they are feeling awful or sad. In the same way, casinos use music to make players spend more money.

Background music

Most establishments use background music to increase their sales. They include supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, and bars to name a few. Most marketers know that music has power over the neurology of their customers. They use it in almost all places to make the customer likely to spend money. Different types of music evoke different emotions.

For instance, certain tracks can encourage clients to walk quickly or slowly in an establishment. Some tracks can encourage one to spend more money like in casinos. This influence is prevalent today thanks to the wide variety of options. Music keeps players focused on the games and bonus offers available.

Electronic music and players in a casino

One of the main reasons why casinos play music is to ensure that players stay longer. And this translates to more money. The tracks played in the premises are curated to help players stay immersed and focused on the titles.

Many tracks are used in different halls in the casino to keep players relaxed and focused while playing the games. It’s difficult for them to notice when the music changes because the flow is perfect and consistent.

According to gamblizard, before a player gets in free cash no deposit casino, the managers play live or recorded music. And this attracts clients to the establishment. Inviting a popular musician can bring also attract people into the casino. Once everyone is inside, it’s difficult to hear the background music.
The use of loud and fast-paced background music increases the reaction time of players. This means that they use only a few seconds or minutes to decide which games they are going to play and the bets they’ll place. Fast-paced music increases betting speed dramatically translating into a higher turnover for the establishment. However, this leads to a rapid decline in the amount of time players spend on gambling machines and tables.

Downtempo music has the opposite effect. It influences players to think while placing bets and motivating them during tournaments and competitions. This calculating behavior makes it easier for players to stay longer in the casino regardless of the outcome. The music played on the halls depends on the predominant behavior of the crowd at the time. If the crowd is full of the elderly, jazz might be the best background music. A younger crowd prefers rock n roll.

Electronic music and online casino

The same strategies that are used by land-based casinos have also been embraced by online casinos. Online players are spending a lot of time on their computers and smartphones playing their favorite casino games.

When most people talk about Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is not the money but the atmosphere. The party-like environment and lights make the casino environment lively. The same thing happens in most online casinos to make it easier for gamblers to spend more time. Game developers have focused on choosing the best music and increasing the amount of time spent playing.


It is not a secret that music affects the way we think, feel, and behave. Casinos understand the power of music. And they’ve been using it for a long time to improve player experience and increase their revenues.

When it comes to the choice of music, you have to know the characteristics and needs of your target market. The time of the day also influences the kind of music that you choose to play. If you visit any online casino site, you will notice how they have embraced the use of electronic music to encourage players to spend more time on their computers and smartphones. While playing, remember to set a budget and have limits to avoid wasting time and money.

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