House Therapy: Eric Kupper to Play for Incognito

Author : DK
January 13, 2015

House Therapy: Eric Kupper to Play for Incognito

Incognito show

Nothing is off limits for legendary producer Eric Kupper. Over his long career in the music industry he has established himself as a go-to producer for everyone from Cher to Frankie Knuckles (may he rest in peace). His catalog and résumé are incredibly extensive, and this Friday January 16th Los Angeles will get to see the master himself in action thanks to the team at Incognito. This weeks “House” Therapy is dedicated to Eric Kupper as we prepare for a night of true vibes and proper house music.

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To start Techno Therapy this week here’s a massive remix that Kupper did with Frankie Knuckles. Move Your Body (Directors Cut Signature Mix) is an iconic track that really was the house music anthem back in the day, and would still set the tone right for any party today. The elements of the track such as the pads, house stabs, and vocal hook make this a timeless piece, and is a great insight into the expansive work of Eric Kupper.

Next up is In Your Arms (Afrogroove Mix) with vocal treatment from Keiko Yoshimura. Not a club banger by any means, but a beautiful piece of house music that highlights his range as a producer. The drums have a very smooth yet subtle groove that give this track the laidback vibe, and the vocals by Yoshimura complete the track.

Last but certainly not least is an original track from Eric Kupper. Faith Healer is an excellent piece that can rock the club just as much as it can be enjoyed at home. Scattered shaker patterns with a jackin off hat provides the groove while Kupper introduces new elements throughout the arrangement. Just about halfway through when the strings come in is about when we imagine the dance floor starting to go wild just before a minimal tom driven drop rounds off the track.