Holland-based Unders Reworks Morphine’s “The Other Side” on Sol Selectas

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 12, 2018

Holland-based Unders Reworks Morphine’s “The Other Side” on Sol Selectas

Many people will have heard the brooding vocals and beatnik percussion of a classic rock track called “The Other Side” reworked into a compelling cut of saxophone fueled house music by Holland-based Unders.

With satirical lyrics about sleeping with a preacher’s wife before crossing over to the other side, the track is by a band called Morphine who has a string of successful albums before the lead singer died, but their music is still remembered by fans more than a decade down the line.

Dutch producer Unders is one of the people who still remember the band and paying homage to them he did the remix of their classic song “The Other Side”, and originally the remix was nothing more than a white label for Unders own use, but it has become something of a club anthem.

Unders is a successful DJ regularly playing to large crowds of people all over the world, and his remix of Morphine has exposed the bad to a whole new generation of fans, as his version uses rearranged bits of the original, which he has expertly synced up to a sequenced kick drum.

The haunting vocal and jazzy rhythms combined with the saxophone have been so well restructured that if you hadn’t heard the original you wouldn’t believe it was a remix.

It might be a cliché to say the track sounds very Burning Man, but it certainly has desert party vibes, and if wasn’t played this year I’d imagine it will be dropped at least once on the Robot Heart stage in 2019.

“The Other Side” by Unters is out on Sol Selectas and available on Beatport