Stream: Hidden Resort – Pathways EP on Soundz

Author : Lee Trotter
April 22, 2015

Stream: Hidden Resort – Pathways EP on Soundz

Pathway EPEarlier this year we caught up with HOBO to discuss the revival of his label Soundz. Around the time of the interview X Volume 1 was released featuring a variety of intriguing sounds and textures from various artists, and this past week Soundz has followed up with an EP release from Hidden Resort.

“Pathways has been a really integral part of my DJ sets for months now. It took a while to get the whole release together, and during the process it drew a couple signing offers from respected labels, so I’m very proud to be able to have it coming out on Soundz.” – Hidden Resort

Pathways is a five track EP with three originals from Hidden Resort and two remixes from HOBO and JPLS, respectively. Adhering to the vision of the label, each track stands alone as a fine piece of electronic material, but is still capable of doing serious work on the right dance floor. Hidden Resort didn’t crank out typical groovers for this release; quite the contrary actually. Precise sound design and emotive musical rhythms are the name of the game here, and are perfect for the dance floor and the living room alike.

You can stream Pathways below, with the full release being available on Beatport.

Pathways EP: Available digitally on Beatport
Soundz: Official Site | Beatport

The EP kicks off with the title track Pathways. A distant vocal speaks through the speaker as medleys of sounds interact with each other. A mind tantalizing sonic journey that is the perfect introduction to the rest of the EP. A track that can be enjoyed by any fan of sound, the music video however…not for the squeamish.

Next up is Breather, a personal favorite off the EP. Delving into the realm of progressive, Breather strikes a certain mood that pulls at the emotional chords in our nervous system. A filtered arpeggio sits underneath a bed of warm textures slowly being opened up as the arrangement continues giving this track a wonderful depth. Whether you’re mid way through an extraordinary party or enjoying a morning cup of coffee, Breather should automatically come to mind.

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that Crusade was an extended version of Breather. With a melodic progressive vibe, it keeps the groove going with tight drum programming and the distant voice comes back for another dialogue with the listener. Hidden Resort has an incredible talent for having each element sit so distinctly in the mix; all present and noticeable, but none taking away from the other. An excellent track to finish off the original mixes of the EP.

The original mix of Crusade stuck to a harmonious atmosphere, and Hobos Hostage Remix takes things in an entirely different direction. Synthetic drones are immediately present striking tension into the mix. Brief melodies bounce off each other, but the bass line acts as the glue here keeping everything held together.

JPLS’ Remix of Breather is easily the track aimed at the home listeners. With an off kilter tempo of 111 BPM, this remix will leave listeners contemplative and eager for more. Hidden Resort breaks from the 4×4 mold so common in dance music, and it makes for a very refreshing piece of electronic music that should be played loud…and often.