Hawtin Admits He Is Behind Recent Plus 8 12-inch Releases

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 09, 2015

Hawtin Admits He Is Behind Recent Plus 8 12-inch Releases

Richie Hawtin

After a couple of months of speculation, Richie Hawtin confessed he is responsible for the recent Plus 8 white label releases that were spotted at Berlin’s Hard Wax record store.

The chatter began back in October when the records began to surface amidst plenty of mystery. Although their acid-heavy techno sound was very much akin to that of other Plastikman work, it was reported in Resident Advisor’s review of Plus 8 25/1 last month that “Hawtin’s camp claims to be unaware of its existence.”

This did not however quell the rumors, especially considering the fact that the catalog numbers hinted at an ongoing series rather than new individual releases. Specifically, critics and music fans alike suspected that the 25 referred to the twenty-five years Plus 8 has been in operation while the aptly named “From My Mind To Yours” stamp certainly brought memories of From Our Minds To Yours Vol. 1., released in 1991 on the label founded by Richie and John Acquaviva a year earlier.

The mystery was solved when Hard Wax added credits to Plastikman and other aliases such as Childsplay and Robotman to the store entries. This was followed by Richie’s own interview with EB.TV finally answering some of the questions on the matter.

In the video, Hawtin points out that the dancefloor-ready tracks on Plus 8 25/2 are a direct results of him “just having fun” and “[getting] back to basics” in a new studio environment. Despite the next release coming out on Friday and his admission that these are a part of a larger compilation, Hawtin did not provide any further information on what is to follow for the project.

Watch Hawtin’s EB.TV‘s interview video below.

[Source: RA]