Haruka Salt: My Top 10 Tracks of The Moment

Haruka Salt
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 27, 2020

Haruka Salt: My Top 10 Tracks of The Moment

Brooklyn’s Haruka Salt drops her debut, HarukaMart, on toucan sounds; four quality house tracks featuring Fat Tony, Toribio, and W. Y. Huang; plus remixes by AceMo and Felipe Gordon.

Moving to New York from Japan in 2006, Haruka has become one of Brooklyn’s most versatile, seasoned, and in-demand DJs, joining the dots between house, techno, electro, hip hop, disco, rock, and more. For more than 15 years she has continuously been on the cutting edge, and in recent years she’s been making regular appearances at the likes of Bossa Nova, Elsewhere and Mood Ring, including infamous sets at the influential BOUND and Fourth World parties.

Joining toucan sounds, HarukaMart is her debut under her disco/house-leaning project Haruka Salt.

In honor of the milestone release, Haruka Salt shares her 10 favorite tracks of the moment. Enjoy the playlist below:

Taeko Ohnuki – 都会

This track is very nostalgic and her voice makes me feel like I’m floating on clouds. Her voice is so soft like a silky and milky. I relate to what she is singing about living in the city a lot. Her lyric is beyond brilliant. When I get tired of the style of living in the city where I am in NY, I listen to this song again and again.

Bread & Butter – Japanese Women

Another Japanese classic. What a great intro! Happy and pure. A good love song. This song makes me smile and reminds me of being in love when I was in my teenage years.

BBII – Red Giant

I love the synth sounds and melody so much. So many interesting fun sounds. This song puts me in a good mood right away no matter what. It doesn’t matter how sad or mad I am. This song is very warm and like my best friend right by me and cheers me up. Smooth and cozy.

Mamman Sani – Samari Da Yan Matan

Omg… This music is so powerful and deep. Nothing complicated and simple codes and melody but I’m always blown away how powerful this music is. It touches deep inside of my heart and makes me cry when I listen to this track. It’s a very beautiful piece.

the daou surrender yourself (ballroom mix)

This track has a story to tell. It’s mysterious and makes me curious “what comes next?!” Kinda jazzy but not too jazzy. This track is very edgy.

Transform – Transformation

Such classics. Euphoric and fun. I love the vocal has kinda mantra feeling which makes me tripp in good way. I feel free and released from all bullshits when I listen to this track.

Or:la – Wendy Wild [HFT062]

Addictive melody line and nice drumming. How this track devolves is amazing. I love Or:la ‘s musical taste so much. Her production and DJ sets always hit my sweet spot.

Pleasure Mode – La Guardia

This track is at a different level. Very unusual in a good way. So different from most of house music/electro music. It’s not boring at all. I will never tired of this track.

No_4mat – 1992

Such a Jam! Super Nostalgic. The Melody line and codes are so beautiful. I turn to “happy cry baby” to this track.

DJ Bone – Thursday Night

Such classics. I just can’t resist dancing to this track. I’m a big fan of DJ Bone!


1. Haruka Salt – Pitch ‘n Itch feat. Fat Tony
2. Haruka Salt – Diamond Castle feat. Toribio
3. Haruka Salt – Family Mart Riddim’
4. Haruka Salt & W. Y. Huang – OG Gong
5. Haruka Salt – Pitch ‘n Itch feat. Fat Tony (AceMo Remix)
6. Haruka Salt – Diamond Castle feat. Toribio (Felipe Gordon Remix)

Haruka Salt “Diamond Castle” feat Toribio is available HERE

Haruka Salt HarukaMart drops on toucan sounds on 7th August 2020

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