4/20: 10 Of The Best Weed Strains To Party To

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 20, 2017

4/20: 10 Of The Best Weed Strains To Party To

Today cannabis aficionados and dabblers alike are lighting up in honor of 4/20, the yearly counterculture “holiday” where people gather to celebrate and consume weed. Although unofficial, the celebration has grown and become a mainstay in today’s pop-culture, a “Hallmark Holiday” of sorts that also includes actual events with a definite political agenda that advocates for the legalization of cannabis.

Whether you’re in California, Amsterdam or anywhere else in the world, such as where there are cuban cigars for sale, there’s no argument that cannabis has also become a substance of choice for partygoers around the globe.  If you’re partying and aim to stay energized and social while out, picking the right strain goes a long way to ensuring you have a good time. Heavy indicas can be perfect for a TV marathon on the couch, but not quite so much for a festival or nightclub bender until the early hours of the following morning. For that you will need some uplifting sativas and hybrids!

With that in mind, and in honor of 2017’s 4/20 celebration, we have listed 10 weed strains you should consider partying to:

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Super Silver Haze

Probably the most famous sativa plant in the world, Super Silver Haze is a classic hit. A strong, fast-hitter with long lasting effect, this hybrid provides the uplifting and happy effects while also giving its users a chill body buzz. As Herb states, “The winning combination of Northern Lights, Skunk, and Neville’s Haze is enough to give you a strong high while keeping uncomfortable paranoia and giddiness to a minimum.”


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It’s a real treat to find a strain that combines a complex, sweet flavor profile with such cerebral and energetic effects. This native to the Big Island of Hawai’i gives an edge for planning and getting organized, which also makes it ideal for partying. It alleviates social anxiety, motivates you into action and comes with a fruity tropical flavor that might remind you of a pleasant day at the beach. All in all it’s a great strain to smoke if you’re looking to converse with friends or new people you meet on the dance floor.


Photo via HERB

Laughing Buddha

As the name might suggest, this is the strain to consider if you’re looking for a good amount of laughter and, of course, fun! This sativa is a potent cross between two landraces: Thai and Jamaican. Further, you will be able to stick to whatever you are doing without getting distracted, which in this case means partying for longer, and you will notice an increase in focus and concentration that can help you be more productive at whatever you may be doing at that time, which again should be partying and more partying. The amount of joy, happiness, and giggles produced by this silly bud is sure to bring out the best in everyone who gives her a try, which is why it’s the ideal party cannabis strain to try next time you’re planning a night on the dance floor.


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A living legend strain among rappers and regulars alike, this hybrid produces effects very similar to Super Silver Haze. The potent, happy high you experience after smoking it is perfect if you’re planning to get things done afterwards, which makes it ideal as a party strain in our book! Be warned, however: this is a powerful hybrid so while the laughter will definitely come, smoke a little too much and you may find yourself to be a little too paranoid.


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Girl Scout Cookies

This popular and well-balanced hybrid strain draws from both its Durban Poison and OG Kush heritage. The pure sativa and strong cerebral effects of Durban Poison blend well with the super mellow and relaxing bodily effects of the OG Kush, making the Girl Scout Cookies an all-around winning strain that will get you dancing at your party and truly enjoying yourself while you’re at it.


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Looking for a strong mental experience? Look no further than Chocolope! A sativa-dominant combination of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, this sativa doesn’t doesn’t feature much chocolate aroma but comes with a coffee-like aroma and melon twist. It’s slightly psychedelic effects make it a great choice for festival-goers that are looking for a strain that gets their brain racing a little more than usual.


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Agent Orange

The orange-citrus aroma of this strain makes it an instant hit with almost everyone who takes their first sniff of it. Its uplifting and jovial effects are usually ideal for daytime activities and chores, meaning that it’s also suitable for nighttime partying or festival fun. With THC levels up to 25%, Agent Orange is definitely one of the more potent cannabis strains around, a fun choice for every day living and partying alike. It’s also a great pre-game hybrid thanks to its relaxing bodily sensations.


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Strawberry Cough

A potent and euphoric sativa-dominant hybrid, Strawberry Cough alleviates anxiety and stress from social interactions, leading to a relaxed and uplifting head high which can be ideal for meeting new people or being surrounded by large groups such as at a festival. If you’re looking for an energetic evening with a strong head-high then give this one a try.


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Ideal as a speedy pick-me-up, Trainwreck is heavy-hitting hybrid with strong euphoric and energetic effects. After smoking it you will experience pleasant creative energy and will be ready to get out there and have some fun. Although Trainwreck is mainly sativa dominant (80:20 sativa/indica ratio), you can expect a mellowing body high in addition to a cognitive high that administers imaginative and inventive thoughts.


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This amazing strain features an absolutely mouth-watering aroma of freshly peeled tangerines, known for its extremely nice mood-lifting abilities which will surely leave a lasting smile on your face. Expect an all-around enlightened, head-focused experience filled with energy, euphoria, and genuine happiness.


Needless to say these are just 10 of the many strains that you can smoke before or while partying. For more information on these selections or for further strain suggestions, be sure to check out the Strain Finder on Leafly.

Happy and safe partying everyone, and happy 4/20!