Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld remix Van Bellen’s Classic ‘Let Me Take You’

Author : Victor Arellano
January 14, 2016

Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld remix Van Bellen’s Classic ‘Let Me Take You’

Let Me take you Remix (1)

In 1997 legendary Dutch producer Van Bellen released what is now a cult classic among dance music lovers around the world. If you’ve never heard the original track, it has a very progressive and trancy feel to it (link to original track here). It’s the type of track you’d expect a lot of people to have remixed over the years given it’s stature and praise as a classic, but there is a surprisingly small amount of remixes available (names include Sebastien Leger and Nalin & Kane).

Jumping on the small train of remixes for this song are Techno/House giants Guy Mantzur and Roy Rosenfeld. They really have a track that stands out here and still gives the track much of its original integrity without sounding like a copy and paste situation. It’s also fascinating to see the track flip genres as this remix sounds very house influenced and oh so groovy.

The main riff from the original track is kept in this remix, its just made a lot chunkier and thicker and basically rides as the tracks bass line. There’s a unique stab you’ll here jump out of your headphones every now and them. It’s a really clever production effect that a lot of producers are using as of late, making an effect a lot louder than the whole track creating a “jump out” at you type of phenomena. Goes to show this track did get revamp on a lot of newer production techniques, giving it a fresh sound with the same vocal samples and similar atmospheres to give it a similar vibe but an obviously different but savory groove.

This remix will be released January 15th on Systematic‘s compilation album Sounds Good Vol.2.