Guest Mix: Marco Bruno

Guest Mix Marco Bruno
Author : Daisy Magana
January 26, 2021

Guest Mix: Marco Bruno

This week’s Guest Mix features artist Marco Bruno. His mix is split into two main cores, and like his productions, is defined more by feeling than by genre. His music contains glints of ambient, broken beats, techno, but stands apart from specific classification: mindset is geared towards versatility, completeness.

Long night dreams are often affected by the intersection of variable perceptions coming out and depending on how we live our daily life. The mix aims to empathize the taste of the unpredicted reality in which events interfering creating sensations and climaxes, so the focus is to transmit, to communicate, to forge a whole from elements that are both corporeal and transcendental, to conjure up a sonic and emotional scene that is diverse, pure and free.

Listen to 6AM’s Guest Mix featuring Marco Bruno

Milestones of his discography are the records released on Ben Sims’ platforms: Symbolism, Hardgroove and Machine: a project curated by Ben himself and Kirk Degiorgio that will see Marco alongside giants like Luke Slater, Robert Hood, Function, Oscar Mulero, Steffi and many more.

Franck Vigroux – Acqua alta
Monolake – Phaenon Ono
Baby T – We Could Disappear
Walton – Before The Storm
Lord Of The Isles – Inheritance feat. Ellen Renton
Remsense & ãle – Pajara
Divide – Alfa Persei
Nixtrove – 4abomb
ASC – Intensity
Grooverider, Jonny L – Piper (Grooverider Mix)
L.F.T. – Anti Tune
Portion Control – Guided By My Fear
John Frusciante – Amethblowl
Gianmarco Silvetti – Opencore
Wladimir M. – Planet E (English_French)
Actress feat. Vanessa Benelli Mosell – Public Life
Marco Bruno – I Wish I Could Believe

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