Guest Mix: Danny Goliger

Guest Mix Danny Goliger
Author : Daisy Magana
January 29, 2021

Guest Mix: Danny Goliger

This week’s Guest Mix features artist Danny Goliger. A Fantastic Voyage regular, the Los Angeles-native is a producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist with an impressive dance music resume. He has racked up releases with labels such as Fantastic Voyage, Dirtybird, Art | Werk, Tokimonsta’s Young Art Records, Hot Boi Records, and Moving Castle. Danny is also an accomplished remixer, having recently delivered remixes of Mija, Vonda7, and Ardalan in 2020.

Known for eclectic, genre-bending DJ sets, Danny effortlessly mixes between styles including house, techno, breakbeat, jungle, electro and IDM. For this mix, he delivers a glitchy, heady blend of breaks and IDM that strikes a balance between the musically abstract and the rhythmically insistent, and draws contrasts between tracks that can be melodic and melancholy vs. songs that are more harsh and aggressive.

Listen: 6AM Guest Mix: Danny Goliger

Tracklist (artist – song):
Proem – No Imback
Overmono – Inulin
Quirke – Sample Devon
A.G. Cook – Acid Angel
Danny Goliger – Your Hand (feat. Sensor)
Autechre – au14
Squarepusher – Nervelevers
Arca – Rip the Slit
33EMYBW – Arthropods Continent (feat Li Jianhong)
Aphex Twin – Afx237 v.7
Park Hye Jin – How come
Minor Science – For Want of Gelt
Sensor – Dreambot
Danny Goliger – Accidents Happen
Pearson Sound – Cobwebs
Gooooose, DJ Scotch EGG – JAC
Richard Devine – Revsic
Stenny – Fail Better
Kelly Lee Owens – Arpeggi


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