Gotshell Debuts on BPitch Berlin with Rezagados

Gotshell debuts on BPitch Berlin with Rezagados
Author : Matt Draper
July 12, 2021

Gotshell Debuts on BPitch Berlin with Rezagados

Hailing from Pereira, Colombia, producer and live act Gotshell debuts on Ellen Allien’s  BPitch Berlin with Rezagados. The EP was produced against the backdrop of poverty, inequality and protest that was met with violent government reprisals. As a result, it is an outcry against the Colombian government’s repression of dissent.

The eight-track EP features a wide range of crispy modular system sounds and shows Gotshell in full flight. The tracks range from twisted cross-rhythmic techno to intricate, stuttering IDM. Full of duality, moments of darkness are balanced by beautiful flashes of light, sounds of nature searching for euphoria. 6AM caught up with Gotshell to discuss the process and creation behind Rezagados

Can you share a bit about your experience and what got you first involved in electronic music and music production?

The first close-up happened with my sister back in the 2000s. I was a child and honestly, I didn’t like what she used to listen to at all but, in 2010, I had the opportunity of getting my first PC and started experimenting with Virtual DJ. After that, I met FL Studio and so far, now I’m working in the analog world.

What was the inspiration for your new EP? Were there any specific sounds or feelings you wanted to evoke?

I usually start producing with my mind blank, but, this EP was very special since Ellen opened my mind and got me a challenge of making music at 150BPM. I felt really comfortable, making something peaceful in its atmosphere with a burly beat. That was the main idea I wanted to keep for the whole EP.

Listen: Gotshell Releases EP via BPitch Berlin Titled Rezagados

When working on a new EP or track, what is your work process?

Totally analog, record it through Ableton, clean it with some EQ, record it again and it’s done. I always try to make more humanized music.

BPitch is a legendary label in the technosphere, how did you get involved with them?

The first touch came from Island when I was working alongside Exos. When the pandemic started, I decided to send music and working on this purpose. After a while, Ellen herself invited me to participate in the label and I clearly accepted.

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