Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Discuss Their Involvement With All Day I Dream

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 08, 2016

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Discuss Their Involvement With All Day I Dream


All Day I Dream‘s vision is one that transcends the mere scope of your run-of-the-mill party series. Founded by Lee Burridge on a hot Brooklyn rooftop back in 2011, the brand has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon, spurred on by the promise of a dreamy journey through music no matter the city and the venue.

It was clear from the beginning that Lee’s Burning Man influences and prowess in the studio combined to provide an escape party unlike others in the United States, attracting thousands of “Dreamers” in Los Angeles, New York City and other cities who flocked to All Day I Dream in search of a transcendental foray into a magic and unparalleled world.

The project has since expanded, becoming a record label and bringing on board a selection of talents that not only match All Day I Dream’s beautiful, emotional and melancholic shade of house and techno, but do it so in their own unique way. On the party front, Lee and the entire All Day I Dream team have taken it upon themselves to travel the world, bringing the experience to like-minded Dreamers in Moscow, Beirut, Israel, Berlin, Toronto, Playa del Carmen, London, Amsterdam and more, continuing to provide the very same ingenuous musical getaway their fans first experienced on that Brooklyn rooftop more than 5 years ago.

Last month they touched down at Amsterdam Dance Event for the very first time, throwing a daytime All Day I Dream showcase we proudly regarded as one of the must-attend events of the entire ADE calendar. There, Lee was joined on stage by Lost Desert Russian duo Gorje Hewek & Izhevski, one of the more recent artist additions to the All Day I Dream family.

All day I dream grounded festival

Despite their more recent involvement with the brand, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski have become an integral part of All Day I Dream’s lineups, scheduled to play this upcoming Friday November 11th at the Grounded Festival ADID showcase in Eilat, Israel. The two are undoubtedly one of the most exciting house music exports out of Russia at the moment thanks to a work ethic that has seen them productive in the studio, on the road as well as back home in Moscow, where they execute their own party called Ruvenzori every weekend at Propaganda, host seasonal events at Shanti Club and run Shanti Moscow Radio, a radio outlet for Moscovite music with 2 channels and 24/7 non-stop programming.

We caught up with them following their ADE gig to talk about the All Day I Dream family and how it influences their work in the studio and while on the road.

Hello guys, I would love to talk about your involvement with All Day I Dream and what it means for you as artists to be involved with the label and its parties. You’re essentially rotation residents for ADID. How did your first contact with Lee/ADID happen?

GH+IZ: Our acquaintance with Lee formed quite organically; we didn’t look for any special occasion or invent something extraordinary.  Though it didn’t happen a long time ago, we can’t remember all the details! Talking to Lee always makes us feel that we’ve known each other for ages. Being part of the show feels like something very native, like a favorite route through the park or visiting your parents’ house, where it’s especially cozy.

The image of All Day I Dream has always been very akin to us. For us, as artists, it is very precious that we can remain ourselves, and be honest in what we do, and at the same time be a part of this division called All Day I Dream.

Why ADID? What about the label and its people draw you to make such a lasting connection?

GH+IZ: There are things in life that you create, that you develop by your own efforts. And then there are some that shape around you without your participation, like heavenly sent. Our presence inside All Day I Dream is the second case. We didn’t see our future at the label that clearly at the point, when we were discussing our first release with Lee.

Do you feel being part of ADID determines the type of music you produce in the studio?

GH+IZ: Not at all. We’ve never written music especially for All Day I Dream and have never thought about it. Like we said, it all happened organically. Sure, what’s going on around it inspires us a lot and then it can find reflection in our music. But it all lies in the field of emotions and inspiration. We always feel at our ease in what we do in the studio, inside the process itself.

How about the sets you perform: do you play differently if you aren’t playing an ADID branded event versus other parties?

GH+IZ: We don’t really sound very different outside of the All Day I Dream parties. Of course, the place and time influence our sets a lot. These things are very important. But the All Day I Dream shows themselves can differ a lot – different continents and diverse, unique places. And we play at different times of day there as well. So, despite all the conditions, we just try to play our best set at that moment. Like we can do this, with our own feelings and emotions.


Is being a label resident different than being a club resident? How so?

GH+IZ: What we understand under “resident”, first of all, is being a part of a team, a part of a big process and huge work. And when you succeed and create something valuable, and you get a common result, it is equally good as regarding a label as a club.

ADID hosted an ADE daytime party which you both played. How was it?

GH+IZ: It was a very bright time and show. We performed in Amsterdam for the first time, and it also was the first All Day I Dream at ADE, so we got a lot of positive impressions.

Personally, I think that the beauty of ADID parties lays in their ability to take you on a melodic journey while often being in a different and somewhat mind-inspiring setting.  Can you tell us what about ADID events is beautiful to you as artists?

GH+IZ: There are impressions that are difficult to describe, they touch something inside of you and grant you something valuable and may be even healing. That’s somehow what it is for us. And music sounds so different on a Sunday afternoon.

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