Gorgon City Remix DAVI’s “Lie Machine” & Talk Music Inspiration

Gorgon City
Author : Daisy Magana
December 19, 2019

Gorgon City Remix DAVI’s “Lie Machine” & Talk Music Inspiration

Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott, or better known as Gorgon City remix DAVI’s latest single “Lie Machine,” and they share with us how the remix came about as well as how the U.S. music culture has influenced their sound.

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Thanks so much for making time for this interview with 6AM, and congrats on your recent release “Roped In”! You continue bringing heaters and have a remix coming out for DAVI’s “Lie Machine” out on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels. How’d this project come about?

We’ve worked with Damian quite a lot over the past few years. We did a release with Crosstown called “Money” a few years back and did a remix of one of his tracks too. We love what they do and love playing at their amazing events all over the world. We played at Day Zero at the Dead Sea recently and it was out of this world!

There’s a part of your new track “Roped In” that’s reminiscent of Rebuke’s signature sound. You supported his track “Along Came Polly” during your Holy Ship 12.0 set at the Spice deck stage. Nobody can deny that Ruben has had quite the year! What’s important for you when it comes to supporting emerging artists?

It always great to hear new music with a fresh approach, and we love to support that stuff in our sets and on our radio shows. We also love finding new acts for our record label realm, and we’re really excited about the acts we’ve signed this year.

What’s your creative approach when it comes to remixing another artist’s work vs. creating original productions? 

We like to have fun with it and put our own twist in things. We also try and add elements that really stand out and make the remix a memorable one.

You’ve previously mentioned that your surroundings affect your music production and also admit that Los Angeles has become such a hub for producers and DJs. Why do you think so many people are being drawn to LA causing this creative bubble to happen?

Lots of reasons, but probably the weather and lifestyle attracts so many music heads and now it feels like everyone is there. It’s a great place to work.

Would you ever consider moving out here?

Yes it’s been on the cards, but we haven’t made the jump yet. We’ll see what happens in the future!

Sounds are influenced by the culture they live in, how do you feel the U.S. electronic scene has influenced your style?

The big crowds at festivals like EDC and Coachella definitely inspire us the[y] make big anthems for sure. The energy and enthusiasm American fans have for us is an amazing vibe.

Gorgon City Remix DAVI’s “Lie Machine” (out now via Crosstown Rebels)



The rave scene is in the U.K.’s DNA, and while we see many musicians relocating to the U.S., particularly Los Angeles, do you feel this puts American electronic music ahead or do you think the U.S. usually embraces music trends long after they’ve been hot in other countries? For example, DnB is making its way back into U.S. airwaves but it’s still an acquired taste for many, do you feel that’ll change in the next few years?

Some sounds are intrinsically British, and I think they always will be. Garage and jungle and drum and bass are very British and it does feel like they will remain massive in the UK and more underground overseas. But who knows! All dance music is so global now you never know what’s going to happen.

Speaking of trends, is there anything (stylistically, performance, etc.)  you feel is about to take off?

The more breakbeat sound that people like bicep are doing is really popping at the moment.

People take pride in finding hidden music gems, and crate digging’s meaning has changed in today’s digital age where people can get their hands on a track in a split second (ID it or a digital file). How do you guys keep your music library fresh and evolving? Do you miss the days where sourcing music was more tangible?

We really miss record stores and buying vinyl but also the speed of things now is really exciting and makes you want to make more music even faster than before!

What’s one thing most people would be surprised to see on your rider?

White t-shirts and black socks.

Aside from kicking off the new year touring, anything else you’re excited about in 2020? Anyone you’re keen on creating music with?

We’re excited about our next album and we’ve got some great tunes on the go. It should be really next summer!

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