Goa Club In Rome Closes Its Doors After 26 Years

Goa Club Closes
Author : Kevin Ching
October 22, 2021

Goa Club In Rome Closes Its Doors After 26 Years

After serving the dance community in Rome for 26 years, the Goa Club will be closing its doors at Via Libetta on November 8, 2021. According to a DJ Mag Italia interview with co-owner Giancarlino, the closure is due, “…to make way for the construction of university classrooms.” However, if you regret never dancing in the famed club, Giancarlino did tell DJ Mag Italia that Goa will continue on in the future with a different location:

“For the new era of Goa we have identified two possible locations, very beautiful and larger than the current spaces.” Giacarlino told Dj Mag Italia. “This will allow us to prepare a Goa Club 2.0 with a greater openness to art, including exhibition spaces, workshops and recording studios open during the day.”

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With such an impact and wide variety of talent the club has provided for the nightlife in Rome, it’s an obvious emotional situation for the owner. In the same interview with DJ Mag Italia, Giancarlino said, “I leave with many memories of affections and friends who have passed between these walls. Many of them got married and started a family and the children of those historical friends come to dance like their parents did. Goa is where the greatest DJs in the world have played, many of them for many years before they became international stars.”

Read the DJ Mag Italia interview here.