Global Vibe Radio 334 Feat. Translate

Author : Mark Grossane
November 09, 2022

Global Vibe Radio 334 Feat. Translate

Translate aka Teo Pellegrino is a Dj, producer and composer from Argentina. He delivers the proper hypnotic, sci fi vibe with this newest installment of our Global Vibe Radio.

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Known for his mental, hypnotic and sci-fi approach the Argentinian producer and label head, Translate,  makes his style clear through unpredictable exploration of sound design that’s full of symbolism. Turning his attention toward experimental environments and surreal ambient landscapes, leading the listener to a state of conscious awakening.

He’s part of the Argentinian scene delivering releases in recognized labels such as Axis, Warm Up, SEMANTICA, Edit Select, Float, and AWRY.

Founding SRIE Records in 2013 with artist Pulso, together they consistently deliver quality, precise, and conceptual releases.

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