Global Vibe Radio 333 Feat. Astronomar

Author : Mark Grossane
November 02, 2022

Global Vibe Radio 333 Feat. Astronomar

A pioneer for the underground movement in the past 10 years. Never wavering or faltering to trends and fads. Proving that doing what you love with your friends is a stronger and longer-lasting life than anything. This is Astronomar.

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Los Angeles resident (and Alaska born) Astronomar is no stranger to the underground. This mix from the IN2ITION label co-founder is an example of how left-field and bizarre one’s hard drive can deviate after 10+ years of label work & traveling the globe DJing, with the goal of presenting sounds equally energizing and disorienting.

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Listen to Global Vibe Radio Feat. Astronomar

Open Courts – Hills (Utility Mix)
Dilate & Lodi – Egomatic Meltdown
Carpainter – Motor
Little By Little – Catwalk (Nasty Mix)
Mascon – i56
Freeman713 – ID
A.Paul – Bizzarre Remnants
TRDV – Saliva
Madame – Subhan
DJ Skull & Ron Maney – Vision Revelations
Supraman & Pascaal – 0404
Garneau – ID
C Unit – Weed Out
DAYTONA 83 – Coconuts

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