Global Vibe Radio 332 Feat. JX-216 (From 0-1)

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
October 06, 2022

Global Vibe Radio 332 Feat. JX-216 (From 0-1)

From Milwaukee, WI, now living in Oakland, California is JX-216 (formerly known as the alias Milkplant, full name: Justin Pennell) — a techno DJ/Producer with over 30 years of combined DJ/production experience, and 10 years of record label management experience.

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While living in Seattle for six years, in 2008 he started the internationally recognized Techno label and artist collective, From 0-1 with fellow artist Sone. In early 2018, JX-216 also launched Konstruct Techno alongside Rubidium, an underground event in San Francisco that showcases talent across North America and beyond.

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After several years of playing as his new alias JX-216, Justin has already played in various cities across the U.S., most notably in Detroit at the legendary Interface/Scene event at Movement Festival as well as at The Great Beyond festival in Minnesota. His work has seen releases on various labels such as Chicago-based Impact Mechanics, Madrid label SUB_tl, Rheostats, Sleaze Records, BEK Audio, TMM, Devotion, Children of Tomorrow, and Vexed Sphere. As his Milkplant alias, he’s released on Planet Rhythm, Wall Music, Excise, as well as his own imprint From 0-1.

Global Vibe Radio 332 Feat. JX-216 (From 0-1)

His mixes have also been featured on Tbilisi-based Dark Underground, Sleaze podcast, Drone podcast, and Error Sessions. As for being recognized by other artists, his productions have drawn critical acclaim from notable artists such as Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Cari Lekebusch, Norman Nodge, Richie Hawtin, Randomer, Joachim Spieth, Tommy Four Seven, Krenzlin, Submerge, Tadeo, Mattias Fridell, Joton, Electric Indigo, David Meiser, Samuli Kemppi, Arnaud Le Texier, Patrick Skoog, Abstract Division, and many others.

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