Global Vibe Radio 326 Feat. John Monkman (Beesemyer Music)

John Monkman
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
August 24, 2022

Global Vibe Radio 326 Feat. John Monkman (Beesemyer Music)

John Monkman shares his mix that was recorded live from Glastonbury 2022. As an exhilarating live performer, he is always tasked with the goal of bringing his vast array of captivating musical productions to life in a thrilling presentation of sound and emotion.

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Renowned for his remarkable quality in the studio and on the stage, the Kompakt, Anjunadeep, and Ellum, John has taken his craft around the world from London, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Mumbai, Beirut, Los Angeles, and more.

John adds: “My music is my life. For me, performing live means bringing people inside my head. It allows me to share my vision in a way that perfectly communicates the “why” behind the choices that determine my creative output. It is an extremely personal experience. What’s more, after years of creating rules, I’m now conscious of finding ways in the live setting to take both myself and my audience out of the comfort zone. It’s the only way my work can evolve.”

Global Vibe Radio 326 Feat. John Monkman (label name)

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