Global Vibe Radio 297 Feat. Polygonia

Polygonia DJ
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
January 03, 2022

Global Vibe Radio 297 Feat. Polygonia

This week’s Global Vibe Radio mix interludes with Lindsey Wang, the mind behind Polygonia, a versatile musician and artist based in Munich, Germany. Her sound identity is driven by a mystic, deep and organic character which is enriched with acoustic elements, built into the genres of deep techno, downtempo and ambient.

A long time before her electronic music journey began, she explored the realms of several acoustic instruments intensively. This skill combined with studies of various other art forms, inspired the artist to translate her understanding of rhythm, composition, and experimentalism into the digital music language. Together with Dycide and MTRL she founded the ambient and deep techno label IO. She also co-curates the premiere and podcast channel Hadal Resonance. In addition, the artist works as an interactive sound designer at the company Impulse Audio Lab.

Lindsey strongly encompasses the language of art; she showcases this language with her brand POLYGONIA creations – a versatile graphic- and sound project, which offers a wide range of interdisciplinary services. Creativity, flexibility, and quality are the most important points of every commission. If you’re curious to understand Lindsey’s preferences when it comes to her masterpieces, she embodies four art components as her strong suits: Graphic design, Artwork, Illustration, Photography, and Visuals.

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For graphic design, Lindsey focuses on rafting logos, CDs, screens, and print layouts. Pertaining to artwork, she bases her designs on synaesthetic concepts. When it comes to illustration, she adheres to impressionable clean, and organic artwork that is filled with depth. Photography opens new doors to innovative ideas, as she appreciates the power of abstraction from everyday life’s objects. Lastly, for visuals, Lindsey finds it natural to capture the movement of sound and translate it visually by working (used by a MIDI device) — the end result? An organically technical sound. With Lindsey’s creations, she focuses on a variety of unique approaches. These approaches overall fuse digital and analog techniques in auditive as well as visual fields. The results of these approaches can range from organic, technical, or both at the same time.

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