Global Vibe Radio 281 Feat. PWCCA

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 08, 2021

Global Vibe Radio 281 Feat. PWCCA

For the 281st episode of Global Vibe Radio we invite Spanish deep techno powerhouse PWCCA to showcase the mental and cerebral sound that characterize his releases and DJ sets.

PWCCA is also known for his work as Dr Cyanide, his first alias which he gave birth to in the distant 1995. What followed were decades of work as a producer, DJ, electronic music teacher, and label owner of the now well-known Hardtools Records.

As Dr Cynide, his releases found a home on esteemed labels such as Aine (PoleGroup), Injected Poison, Newrhythmic, Kobayashi, Donkeyhead, Blackstars corporation, Granulart recordings, MFM, Revolt, Anaoh, Dolma rec, Devotion, Vector Functions, Human recs, Vapourtrail, Subsequent records, Mephyst, Mental records, We call it hard, Luminar records, Recoil, Spectralband, DKN Selections, Concepto Hipnotico, Advanced, Armed, Induxtriall records and Konkrezept among others.

Dr Cyanide has worked with and has been remixed by artists like Kessell, Al Ferox, Gunjack, Arnaud le Texier, Error Etica, Kike Pravda, José Pouj, Carlos Durán aka Cristian Varela, Gayle San, Horacio Cruz, Eric Fetcher, C-System, Fixeer, Michel Lauriola, and ArchivOne.

PWCCA was born in 2019 as an evolution of Dr Cynide’s work. His releases have found a home on Warm Up Recordings, MORD Records, Faut Section, Blackrodes Experiments, Combine Audio, Inducted Waves, Signal, Granulart Recordings, Devotion Records, Hardtool Records and many more. He has received support from Oscar Mulero, Lewis Fautzi, Surgeon, Richie Hawtin, Ben Sims, Kessell, Dave Clarke, Tensal, Adriana Lopez, Paula Cazenave, Rødhäd, Dimi Angelis, Temudo, and Cristian Varela, just to name a few.

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