Global Vibe Radio 273 Feat. Ecilo

Global Vibe Radio 273 Feat. Ecilo (Axis Records, We Are The Brave)
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 14, 2021

Global Vibe Radio 273 Feat. Ecilo

Jakarta-based techno producer Ecilo, who has released on Jeff MillsAxis Records, Planet Rhythm, We Are The Brave and A R T S, takes over this week’s Global Vibe Radio mix curation.

His experience in the industry comes from years of refining his sound and honing his technique, with influences ranging from expressive African-American Music (Jazz, Soul, Blues) and the atmospheric resonances of Sci-Fi soundtracks. Always experimenting with different sounds has shaped him to become a producer who is genre-fluid yet strongly rooted in his foundations for proper techno.

With releases on international labels such as A R T S (Berlin), Planet Rhythm (The Netherlands) and We Are The Brave (United Kingdom), he has strengthened both his reputation and his percussive 4×4 beats to resonate all over the globe. Known for top-notch originality and craftsmanship, his tunes have earned airtime through the sets of giants such as Ben Sims, Alan Fitzpatrick, Mark Farina and Dave Clark.

Though his achievements may be many, this doesn’t stop him from constantly evolving and perfecting his sound. His hard work and perseverance has also led him to reach the #2 spot on Beatport’s Techno DJ Chart. With many more representations and contributions to Jakarta Techno, Ecilo has become a signature household name for music lovers and partygoers.

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Track Listing:

1. Joachim Spieth – Akasha
2. Border One – Tracer
3. Ray Kajioka – Sem
4. Psyk – falling ( Peter Van Hoessen Remix )
5. Nastia Reigl – Figures in Brine ( Truncate Repaint )
6. Luca La Rocca – Amazing Choose
7. Ecilo – Desaad Universe ( Unreleased )
8. Dasha Rush – Infinite Warp
9. Octawian – Terrore Impetum ( Unreleased )
10. Pfiter – Facing Dystopia
11. Specific Objects – The Space Between
12. Module One – Temporary State
13. JustMike – Subject 001 ( Unreleased )
14. The Advent – Foothold
15. Jeroen Search – Escpae Velocity
16. Sleeparchive – Leave
17. Ausgang – Dust
18. Rene Wise & Rodhad – 190205
19. Linkan Ray – Ancient Myth
20 . Cravo – Jacka
21. Arjun Vagale – Static ( Unreleased )
22. Ecilo – Alien Blackmail
23. Ecilo – White Lane
24. Pfirter – You Surround Me
25. Insolate – Sins
26. Planetary Assault System – In The Night
27. Jeff Mills – Deadlock
28. Ma Haiping – Crespulars

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