Global Vibe Radio 251 Feat. Stephen Disario

Stephen Disario
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 11, 2021

Global Vibe Radio 251 Feat. Stephen Disario

We stay right at home, here in Los Angeles, as we invite Stephen Disario for this week’s edition of Global Vibe Radio.

Stephen has been one of the most prolific techno producers out of the United States in 2020, churning out a string of quality releases on labels such Planet Rhythm, Liberta Records, Say What, Trau-ma and many more.

A multi-faceted producer and DJ, Stephen’s techno sounds takes dancers from the deep and hypnotic realm of the genre to the high-octane driving and peak-time hours.

Track Listing:

1. Franz Jäger – Processed Hammer [HAYES Collective]
2. Marcal – ID
3. Stephen Disario – Serotonin
4. ASEC- Track Your Eyes [Acts Of Rebellion]
5. Shkedul – Veritiero (Original Mix) [NORD]
6. VIL- The Groove Dealer [HAYES]
7. Stephen Disario – New Order
8. Responder – Melting Point [Planet Rhythm]
9. Szmer – Soaked [R3volution]
10. SRAMAANA – Espoir d’une Utopie Sans Haine
11. Ash Space Music- May The Force Be With Us BAHN· Records
12. Fabian Cioffi – Time Hustle [Temple.Recordings]
13. Salbany – Chamber [Solid Tracks Records]
14. Daniel Romero – Roted diplomacy [Illegal Alien Records]
15. Quelza- Degma [Kaiser]

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