Global Vibe Radio 241 Feat. Petter B

Petter B
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 03, 2020

Global Vibe Radio 241 Feat. Petter B

Swedish techno producer, DJ and art creator Petter B searched back in his archives to deliver this week’s Global Vibe Radio episode, releasing a mix that dates back to the early 2000s.

For the next hour or so Petter B takes us on a journey created with his DJ decks, crafty use of FX and a whole lot of edits.

Petter B’s history with techno dates back to the mid ’90s, when he first got behind the decks, and continues today with his label “Bond” as well as releases on Parabel Music, Drumcode, KD Raw, BEK Audio, Modularz and SWE, amongst others.

In 2012 he re-launched his solo career after having been a part of the techno duo “Hertz” for several years. Adam Beyer was the first to sign Petter B’s solo material to his well-known imprint Drumcode.

In 2013 Petter started his own imprint Bond. Bond is the result of the way he DJs and thinks of music as a DJ. The way Petter sees it, all music has a purpose and makes out building blocks in his DJ performance. The driving idea behind Bond is therefor to create those blocks rather than complete full-on productions. When using these blocks the perception of a track can be changed every time it is played depending on how they are combined.

The unique bond that is created when tracks, loops and sounds are combined live is what fascinates Petter B as a DJ. Even though Bond is a young label, it has gained great support from many names in the techno scene. Up until today, Petter B has released lots of tracks and remixes under different names and on various labels around Europe. His success in the industry has led to frequent gigs at events and clubs throughout the world.

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