Global Vibe Radio 224 Feat. The Alchemical Theory

The Alchemical Theory
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 12, 2020

Global Vibe Radio 224 Feat. The Alchemical Theory

This week’s Global Vibe Radio episode features Italian deep and hypnotic techno project The Alchemical Theory.

The Alchemical Theory project was born in 2018 from the creative union of three Italian producers: Kill Acid on Space, Unclear and Øyvind (owner of Subosc Records together Kaelan).

The identity of the project has been very influenced by the favorite sounds of the three artists, ranging from modular electronic sounds to much more atmospheric sounds. This project also comes from the love of mysticism, alchemy and nature. In each release they want to represent something that affects the listener’s mind, reproducing a real mental journey.

Check out their exclusive Global Vibe Radio mix below.

In September 2018 they present their first album in CD format, with a super remix by Kaelan inside, published on the Spanish label Annulled Music.

At the beginning of 2019 they released their first vinyl record, with Lunatik and OPL, on the Italian label Absolute Records.

During 2019 many works are published, also in collaboration with great artists, both in physical and digital format, on relevant labels such as Affin, Subosc Records, Illegal Alien Records, Northallsen Records, End Of Perception, Norite and Lett Records.

In March 2019 they decide to present their first live set in collaboration with Monument. This live set is recorded in Italy, in a 250m deep canyon and broadcast live on the Monument’s channels.

In November 2019 they recorded a second live set at the Teufelsberg in Berlin in collaboration with the Dots Gallery.

Many new releases will be published soon on important labels in various formats, including collaborations with really important artists from techno scene. Stay tuned to discover all the details in the future.

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