Q&A & Global Vibe Radio 222 Feat. Lyric Hood

Lyric Hood
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 29, 2020

Q&A & Global Vibe Radio 222 Feat. Lyric Hood

For this week’s Global Vibe Radio episode we invite Lyric Hood, an artist in her own right, and one half of Floorplan alongside her father, Detroit Techno legend Robert Hood.

The mix is full of Detroit soul and perfectly captures Lyric’s sound, energy and mood, as she herself tells us in our exclusive interview, where we discuss her relationship with her father, life on the road while touring, favorite gigs and what she does at home when not working on music.

So, get your dancing shoes, press play, and be sure to read our exclusive interview with Lyric Hood below.

Hi Lyric, thank you so much for taking the time to chat and prepare this mix for us! Can you tell us a little about the mix first, where you put it together and your mood?

Thank you for having me do this mix and interview! I recorded it in my dad’s studio at home, but I wanted it to be a reflection of me. And I wanted the mix to be inspiring and energetic like a regular DJ set because I miss it so much. That is definitely the mood I was going for.

What do you hope fans feel when listening to it?

I know that it’s been difficult for everybody having to stay home and not go out to clubs and festivals, so I want anyone who listens to this mix to feel like they are at the club in their living room, kitchen, or office and to have a party and take a ride with me wherever they are.

That’s how I felt listening to it, so you certainly did a great job! Are there any tracks of your own that we can find in the mix?

A: Absolutely! You will hear my new music, ‘Everything’ and ‘Social Distance’ and you will also hear my older tracks like ’11:11′ and ‘Nineteen’. And you might hear some unreleased tracks as well…

It is no secret that your father’s passion for music in general, and electronic music in particular, was highly instrumental to developing your own love and passion in the music. I know you’ve discussed your musical upbringing in detail in the past, but I wanted to actually ask you about your time learning how to DJ. Were there any important pieces of advice that your father gave you when you were learning how to play and mix records?

Learning to DJ came naturally to me. I truly believe it is in my DNA. That’s what my mom says. He taught me new techniques and he told me to make sure I practice. The practice is very important. My dad taught me what tracks to play to set the right mood. And he also taught me to take my time mixing. I always remember when I DJed at Movement for the first time. And I played a mixture of everything from Martin Garrix to Katy Perry. Fast forward to now, I’ve definitely learned a lot from different experiences and I’m still learning as a solo artist.

Similarly about music production, your initial releases were Floorplan collaborations and since you’ve also had your own tracks released out to the world. What production wisdom did you get from sharing the studio with your father?

Dad taught me to always be myself. It’s so easy to get lost in what other artists are doing and what’s the latest trend in music. I try to stay true to my soul and sound when it comes to producing. I think that’s very important to remember as an artist.

I could be living on Mars and I will still represent Detroit. – Lyric

I love that. I read in an interview with your father that you have also been a positive influence on him, his production and what the label, M-Plant, releases. How symbiotic is the relationship between you two as Floorplan? Who holds which duties and responsibilities?

We like to switch up the roles as a duo. Sometimes he would have me make the beat for a new track or remix and he would lay down vocals and mix it. It’s always good to switch it up. When we DJ it’s always back to back. And we practice together as well. Dad always allows me to have as much freedom as is need to be creative in the studio.

You are one of several children who have followed on the footsteps of their iconic Detroit techno DJ parents. There’s Kevin Saunderson’s two sons, Juan Atkin’s daughter, Scan 7’s son. I know you don’t live in Detroit now, but how important was the city, its history and sound to your growth as an artist?

Detroit means so much to me. For me, it’s very important to keep that Detroit sound when it comes to making music. It comes naturally when I’m producing. Detroit will always be my home no matter where I am. I could be living on Mars and I will still represent Detroit.

Detroit truly is a unique city with its own unique soul. What, who or where do you draw inspiration musically, both in terms of what you play and what you produce in the studio?

I’m always listening to music. My dad, myself and even my mom sometimes will hear something to sample or we will listen to our older tracks and think of ways to make the next album better. It’s always good to find inspiration in your own music.

You grew up seeing your father tour the world, and are now part of that journey yourself. Has your view of touring and this “industry” or “scene” changed since you’ve become a part of Floorplan, and if so, how?

Now that I am directly a part of it and I’m able to travel the world and experience the DJ Industry, I now understand the hard work that is being put in. The late nights, going straight to the airport after a gig, it can be stressful sometimes but I am extremely grateful that my parents have allowed me to have the freedom to express myself musically.

I read somewhere that your father was a proudly over-protective as you were growing up, especially given the career he had and the touring and traveling that came with it. Has that changed since?

Absolutely not! I think he has gotten even more protective.

Which country have you loved visiting the most so far?

I honestly love Amsterdam. I’ve grown to love it from living there during the summer time for touring. It has officially become a second home for us, and I also love the festivals there as well.

It’s one of my favorite too, I visit every year! Do you have any gigs you played that are particularly more memorable than others?

We love playing at the Panorama Bar at Berghain in Berlin. The energy there is incredible! We can’t wait to return there soon. And we definitely can’t forget Dublin Ireland… What’s up Dublin!

Lyric Hood

Lyric Hood

One thing I have always loved about your father is how important other parts of his life are to him, beyond music. Family, of course, takes center stage, as does his faith and his work for the community. Setting music aside for you, what other passions do you have in life?

I enjoy different things. I love working with computers and working with different music equipment. I also would love to run my own label one day.

I was going to ask you the quintessential question many DJs get asked: what do you think you would be doing if you didn’t become a DJ, but then I read that you had gone to college so not sure if you’re already doing something else these days on top of the music production and touring?

Probably working with computers in some shape, form or fashion. But I couldn’t imagine not being a DJ and producer. I believe God lead me and is still leading me in this direction.

We have been living in a period of lockdown, and that includes parties. How have you been coping without the gigs? How have you been keeping busy?

We’ve started with doing live streams on my Instagram for family and friends. Because I had an Uncle who passed away from COVID-19 and my Grandma, who is my ‘heart,’ passed away from cancer, so the live streams became a source of therapy for me. After that, we did a live stream on Zoom as well. I’m currently enjoying recording videos and messing around on my computer at home. We can’t wait to get back on the road!

My sincerest condolences for your losses Lyric and thanks again for the mix, cannot wait to be able to have parties back and see you and Robert play!

Thank you again for having me! Hopefully we will be back soon! Stay Blessed!

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