Global Vibe Radio 210 Feat. Dimi Angélis (Luke Slater / Planetary Assault Systems Special)

Dimi Angélis
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 29, 2020

Global Vibe Radio 210 Feat. Dimi Angélis (Luke Slater / Planetary Assault Systems Special)

Dutch techno producer/DJ and ANGLS label boss Dimi Angelis delivers quite the treat for this week’s Global Vibe Radio.

This is the recording of his recent ANGLS Luke Slater/Planetary Assault Systems live stream special, featuring over three-hours of tracks by the Mote-Evolver boss and no one else.

Enjoy the full recording below, and be sure to follow us on SoundCloud and share the mix if you enjoy it!

More About Dimi Angélis
To say that Dimi Angélis has been around, is to state the obvious. When during the late nineties techno first got hold in The Netherlands, Dimi was there to help shape the culture that would see it flourish. Promoting raves and warehouse parties in Amsterdam and putting his first needle on a record back when ‘underground’ actually meant something, he has since built a career that spans two decades. His craftsmanship is based on emotion, honesty and the firm belief that music has the power to move and educate. Over time his path has taken him everywhere from Berghain and Awakenings to Under Club and Dekmantel.
Besides playing records, Dimi is an avid producer. After teaming up with Jeroen Search in 2004, the first half of his twenty-odd active years saw him release a string of sought-after EP’s and LP’s on Mission (6277/Axis), Stockholm LTD and their co-owned A&S label.
Now, as the beginning of a third decade draws closer, Dimi’s been equally successful in putting out solo music on Construct Re-Form, Krill Music, Falling Ethics, Warm Up Records and his own ANGLS imprint. Much like Dimi ANGLS is a platform for open and straigth-forward techno, helping to shape the genre for another two decades to come.
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