Global Vibe Radio 205 Feat. Michal Jablonski

Michal Jablonski
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 25, 2020

Global Vibe Radio 205 Feat. Michal Jablonski

Straight from quarantine, this week’s Global Vibe Radio mix comes courtesy of Michal Jablonski.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Michal has been closely associated with the club culture of the capital of Poland for over a dozen years. The heavy sounds extracted from the black plastic disc inspired him to do more, to go a step further and create his own music. He sought inspiration in crowded cities and the correlation of nature with industrialized society.

In music, he looks for something that is not obvious and still to discover. He is focused on his original productions, where you will find a rich mixture of dense industrial atmosphere, off beats sounds and monumental film music elements driven by energetic kick.

Michal is also one of the co-founders and curators of Lost In Ether, a podcast and music platform series focused on the personal visions and expressions of alternative electronic music represented by artists invited to show their own ways to explore sounds which are embraced into one wave of sound.

Michal releases his music on VSK Series, Secret Keywords, Animal Farm Records, Newrhythmic Records, and Voxnox to name a few and his performance can be found in most clubs in Europe, when not closed down by COVID-19.

Connect with Michal Jablonski: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud