Global Vibe Radio 193 Feat. Risa Taniguchi

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 30, 2019

Global Vibe Radio 193 Feat. Risa Taniguchi

Our last Global Vibe Radio episode of 2019 comes courtesy of Risa Taniguchi, an extremely talented rising artist from Japan.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Risa Taniguchi has been surrounded by the city’s electric atmosphere throughout her life drawing inspiration from the cities underground scene and playing clubs including Vent, Contact and Womb. Classically trained, Risa is multi-talented and a skilled player of the piano, trombone and violin and admits to always playing the darker side of even classical music, leaning towards minor rather than major.

She has a special sound and style of production. Her tracks are dark and distorted, with abrasive bass with some elements of acid. Using her own vocals on many of her tracks, she is setting the mark when it comes to eerie, linear heads-down techno.

Her productions have found a home on labels such as Second State Clash Lion, Kneaded Pains, Suara, and Polymath, a testament to her talent and the bright future ahead of her.

Track Listing

01. Linkan Ray – Serbian Taxi – Be As One
02. Reeko – Punish or Be Damned – Avian
03. Planetary Assault Systems – Spell A – Ostgut Ton
04. Buttechno – ferenz-18 – Trip
05. Roe Deers – Tensions (Zombies in Miami Remix) – Playground Records
06. Stefan Rein – Outer Lake – Pure Traxx
07. Oleg Mass – Unite – Framework Records
08. Risa Taniguchi – Enough – Second State
09. Kan – Masquerade (Setaoc Mass Remix) – Corpus
10. Some Me – know knobs – Crash!
11. BEC – Flux – Second State
12. Wishmountain – Bottle (Len Faki Deepspace Mix) – LF RMX
13. Amotik – Tin – Amotik
14. Drumcomplex – CFX20 – Misfit Music
15. Avgusto – What She Wanted – Elektrax Recordings
16. FJAAK – Transmission – SPANDAU20

Connect with Risa Taniguchi: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud

Photo Credit: @tokyoweekender @allanabani