Global Vibe Radio 182 Feat. Hydrangea

This week’s Global Vibe Radio mix showcases the deep, intimate, and enthralling storytelling of French artist Hydrangea.

Heavily inspired by the gifts of Mother Nature, Hydrangea’s contribution to our mix series is filled with spiritual soundscapes, taking the listener on an immersive journey through carefully-curated atmospheric deep techno selections.

Alongside her strong passion for music, Hydrangea is also a photographer and graphic designer. Nature drives her artistic endeavours through these mediums also, which you can check out for yourself both through her Instagram and the artwork for the Inveins podcast series, for which captures the beauty of nature in its truest essence.

Hydrangea’s productions have found a home on Semantica, Silent Season, On The 5th Day, Annulled Music and many other influential techno imprints that champion the deeper end of the techno spectrum.

Connect with Hydrangea: Facebook | Instagram | RA | SoundCloud