Global Vibe Radio 095 feat. Cool Tiger

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 09, 2018

Global Vibe Radio 095 feat. Cool Tiger

The 95th episode of Global Vibe Radio comes from Junction Records label head Cool Tiger, known for his groovy and dusty brand of techno.

A self-proclaimed smoothie expert, Cool Tiger is a Parisian artist now based in Amsterdam and boasts a slew of successful EPs, mostly released through his own imprint and its sub-label Junction White. While his sound is definitely techno-inclined, Mathiey Carsique, as he is known at home, enjoys blending genres through his early disco and house influences. The result is a warm and groovy side of techno filled with dusty drum elements, creative arrangements and organic elements that set it aside from other techno sounds perhaps more commonly heard.

Enjoy the mix below, download it for FREE here and read on for full track listing.

Track Listing:

1. Session Restore – Reduction
2. Lou Karsh – Transitional
3. Jerome Sydrham – Bread and Water
4. Wrong Copy – Lichter
5. Fetnat – Marbrahh
6. Cool Tiger – Red Blast
7. Cardao – All Night Long
8. Dimi Angelis – Dwarf Planets
9. Savas Pascalidis – Intruder
10. Fanon Flowers – Chicago-Detroit Part Four
11. Cool Tiger – Raw Ad
12. The Noisemaker – State 2
13. Emmanuel – Anthem 1
14. Subjected – King Behemoth
15. Yoram Avni – Makot
16. Regal – Royal
17. Truncate – Modify (Dustin Zahn Remix)
18. UnCut – Beneath (Oscar Mulero Remix 3)
19. Differ-Ent – Differ-Ent(ly)
20. Second Base – Two
21. Manzel – Untitled (Manzel003 B2)


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