Global Eclipse Goes On Sale for Patagonia Gathering 2020

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 30, 2019

Global Eclipse Goes On Sale for Patagonia Gathering 2020

For the tens of thousands of eclipse chasers, adventurers and dreamers that attended the 2017 Oregon Eclipse, and the millions more that stood under the path, the 2017 total eclipse is an experience that continues to burn brightly in the memory. Twelve global production communities, led by Symbiosis Gathering, came together, to create over 40 different environments of art, music, workshops, performance, and water slides, and thusly Global Eclipse was born.
Tickets are on sale today for the next chapter entitled ‘Patagonia Gathering’ to celebrate a total solar eclipse in December of 2020 at an incredible location in Argentina. The Patagonia Gathering invites authentic seekers of awe, truth, and beauty to gather at a remote site to witness the most spectacular phenomena on earth: a Total Solar Eclipse.
To create the container for this experience, producers will again gather the assistance of an international team of creators, builders, and go-getters, integrating their unique skills into a global production team, and creating an experience far greater than the sum of its parts.After a wide-ranging search talking with local governors and seeking guidance from local indigenous leaders a home was found in the province of Neuquen, Argentina at a beautiful site with wide open skies, lush vegetation, and a pristine river that will be perfect for a cosmic celebration!The gathering site is an easily accessible 150 hectares with over 5km of Catan Lil River frontage, flat camping, and an epic climate of warm days and cool nights encircled by beautiful landscapes of mountain ranges, rock outcroppings, and rolling hills.

The producers of the Global Eclipse were at the site last month visiting the site and forging relationships with local officials and indigenous representatives. They’ve decided, to paraphrase Junin de los Andes Mayor Carlos Corazini, “to go with strength.’

Global Eclipse will also produce the Regeneration Summit in December of 2019, which will commence after a full Permaculture Design Course, an immersive Natural Building workshop and an Herbalism Symposium at Estancia Los Corrales in the Neuquen province of Argentina. This event is geared to help design and prepare the land to receive tens of thousands of people in December, 2020

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Cover photo by Jowe del Sur