Giorgio Moroder Teams Up With Novation

giorgio moustache
Author : Micah
May 15, 2015

Giorgio Moroder Teams Up With Novation

giorgio moroder synth

Giorgio Moroder is a nothing short of a living legend; at the age of 75, he continues to maintain a strong presence in multiple sectors of the music and film industry. We’re thrilled to announce that the man himself has partnered with Novation to create the MoroderNova, a so-called “signature edition” of the Novation “mini-nova,” with 500 of Giorgio’s patches and presets, to be released in the near future.

The synthesizer is stamped with moroder’s signature moustache/sunglasses sillouhette, and the silver-on-black color scheme looks incredible. Unfortunately, the synth will only be produced in a limited run of 500 units; however, this marks the beginning of a new era in dance music. Dozens of rockstars have released signature series guitars for decades, and dance music artists have enjoyed software brand endorsements for several  years. However, as far as I am aware, this is the first signature series hardware synthesizer by an established electronic musician. And Giorgio truly is the ultimate electronic musician to bear this burden. Although is his first time using his name on any instrument, and Novation’s first ever signature synth, we are confident that this synth will live up to the hype. Although we can’t wait to get our hands on it, no release date has been announced – be sure to check back for updates. In the meantime, take a moment to listen to a couple tunes and learn a bit more about his fascinating history:

Giovanni “Giorgio” Moroder rose to prominence in the 70’s as a producer for disco artists, shaping the careers of Donna Summer and countless other legends, many of whom were enormously influential on the early pioneers of house and techno in the next decade. In the 80’s, using a number of synthesizers, he produced soundtracks for classic 80’s films such as Scarface and Top Gun. Through the 90’s he remained relevant via his productions with the same disco superstars that he helped launch decades before, ultimately winning a Grammy in 1997. His 2013 collaboration with Daft Punk sparked an enormous revival of interest in disco music (from both him and other artists); as a result, he has recently produced music for some of the world’s leading pop-stars, and had his own tracks remixed by some of (both underground and commercial) dance music’s heaviest hitters.

For more information, click here (MoroderNova site)