GHEIST Share Their Top Studio Tips

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 04, 2018

GHEIST Share Their Top Studio Tips

Not even two years have passed since GHEIST first broke through. Fusing that rare narrative alchemy that sings across dance floors universally, they continue to tap into the essence of house and techno with a precision sense of playfulness and poignancy… And turn heads on every occasion.

This return to Sasha’s Last Night On Earth with their Somerset EP is no exception. The follow up to last summer’s Rufos EP, once again it shows the foursome at their most evocative, widescreen and, in the case of “Somerset”, most ardently euphoric. A beautiful tune named after the UK’s most beautiful county, it’s a rolling, break-based evangelizer that endlessly lifts with timeless rising chords and an innocent vibe hat can’t help but take you back to ‘Northern Exposure’-era 90s. “Nuan” offers serious uplift, too. The pay-off from an enduring deep drive, everything is based around the striking, crystalline vocal textures that help turn the track into something you least expect.

Already staples in Sasha’s sets, delivered on the cusp of festival season, hot on the heels of an equally hot Mobilee release: 2018 is shaping up to be a vintage for GHEIST.

We had a chance to talk to the quartet, and asked them for their top studio tips. Read on and soak in the knowledge:

Be patient – some tracks will come together in no time, some will take months to figure out

Actually we don’t need to talk about tracks that work out immediately. We love those of course. But there is always a couple of tracks that take longer and are constantly on your mind. As painful as it can get, these are the tracks we make the biggest progress on as musicians. Figuring something out that didn’t work and finding a way to make it work is a great feeling too. Being an artist, at any level, is a game of patience and ambition.

Don’t be afraid to create something that sounds totally different to what you normally make

We think it’s quite simple. The less you are afraid the better you get. On top of that, there is not just one genre of music to discover.

Always experiment – play around with different gear etc etc to create something new

As we are four guys working together we are comfortable and happy to share our ideas with each other. Means there is always at least one of us who is willing to take it to the next level and the rest will follow. How you get there depends on how you click. It doesn’t necessarily even need to be through music or a new set up in the studio. It can also be through art, a nice painting for example, or travel, or anything that moves you.

Work together and be open to compromise

There are 4 of us, which can sometimes lead to disagreements but its important to listen to each other and be willing to compromise for the sake of the track

The four of us have been friends for more than ten years and we have always made music together. If you work as a part of a bigger group it’s a little bit about compromising but it’s much more about trust. It’s important to give each other space to create something. If you interrupt too early you might lose a great idea totally different from what you expected it to be. It’s simply a decision you have to make for yourself whether you want to work alone or not.

GHEIST’s Somerset is out now on Last Night On Earth