Getting Down To The Brass Tacks With Bross

Author : Mark Grossane
November 04, 2022

Getting Down To The Brass Tacks With Bross

Bross is one of the most vital electronic artists from the vibrant Romanian music scene.

Scoring Beatport No.1’s with “La Caminita” on All Day I Dream and “Trubadour” on Amunanga, he established himself with deep, organic, melodic releases, before switching his sound up to become more house-focussed at the start of 2022.

Co-founder of the Deep House Burcharest community and an in-demand touring DJ Bross lives and breathes house music like few others.

Source: Bross PR

Hey Bross! Thanks for joining us. How are you doing? The year is almost done any highlights so far?

Hi guys, thank you for having me! I I am happy to say that this year has been quite busy, traveling around the world and meeting new people in the music industry. I do have some highlights, of course, the best one being at the Electric Castle Festival in Romania, where I closed the Booha Stage in front of a wild crowd of 2000 people. The set was supposed to end at 4:00 AM, but I had a surprise B2B with a good friend of mine, Vlademir, till 5:30. Take me back to that night!

You’ve been a major contributor in growing your local scene in Romania, How important is it for artists to organically embed themselves in their local scene? How has it helped your career?

As I am not always traveling and playing abroad, it is very important for my mental health to have a safe place where to play and to test new music. My hometown is Bucharest and I have been planning events here for more than 7 years now. This has brought me many opportunities such as new gigs, as well as it expanded my social network by meeting important people in the local music industry. A very important aspect for my career was founding Deep House Bucharest, a project through which I managed to support other local artists and become friends with them. Having Dj and producers as friends also pushes my limits in music production.

You’re known for your extended sets, What are some keys to success behind spinning a 10 hour set?

Love playing long sets and I think they work best for small crowds of 200-300 people. The way I do it is by mixing different genres of house music for the all night long session. It is easier to play when you have no limitations on the music genre and from my experience, the crowd reacts better as well. Also, having a good selection on my usb’s helps a lot, because I always know what music I can find in each playlist and that gives me perspective for the next 30 minutes of the set. I like to be ahead with at least 3 tracks every time I play, while staying closely connected to the people in front of me.

Listen Now: Bross “No More Games”

 Your track “No More Games” is an amazing 9 minute journey. What did your process look like going into this track? In the box? Live jam sketch?

I started this one 3 years ago and I usually go back to my old productions.Everything on this track was built around the vocals and the arp. I wanted to have a long track with not too many melodies, but a housy groove. As I make the transition from Organic to House Music, there are still a few organic sounds there; claps, percussions and some melodic sounds from violins.

What has been some of your biggest challenges in getting your new upcoming label Trubadour to the level you want it?

I started with organic music and recently migrated towards house music, as I connect more with this sound and by playing it, I get more energy from the crowd. Changing to a new sound direction is a challenge, as it takes time for people to understand and then to get used to this new style, but at the same time I am seeing new people being interested, so I am sure it will turn out great.

Another point to consider is that I have made this label mostly for releasing my music with no limitations and the part of explaining to other artists that I will not be open for demos is probably one of the biggest challenges.

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

I would like to announce that the first release of Trubadour will be out at the beginning of December and I cannot wait to share it with you guys. Trubadour events will follow in Bucharest and hopefully in other big cities around the world. The plan is to also have some merchandise available, as I am working on some T-shirt models for a year now. Stay close for more updates.

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