Get Ready for a Trip, Furtive Drops “Scofflaw”

Author : Nathan Christopher
March 05, 2021

Get Ready for a Trip, Furtive Drops “Scofflaw”

Washington DC-based producer, DJ, and event organizer, Furtive releases “Scofflaw,” a resonant psychedelic roller.  It’s a trippy, dissociated track with sharp, frothy percussive accents that pulls listeners through oil-slicked whirlpool wetness. A low-slung, gooey, and steadily progressing synth pattern delivers a sure case of lost-in-the-fog stumbling.

A prolific and multifaceted producer, Furtive has landed releases on Warok Music, ROOM, Metro Xpress, Northallsen Records, and Format Recordings, along with multiple self-published releases and a handful of further pending ones. Furtive’s production spans from psychedelic warp hole-diving techno, quirky and muscular electro, acerbic acid, crooked ratcheting bass bits, and drum & bass. They’ve also helped foster the underground community as a DIY nightlife organizer, most recently as a member of SEQUENCE, a local team responsible for putting on some of the District’s zaniest techno parties.

Listen: 6AM Premiere – Furtive “Scofflaw”

The recent past has seen this elusive rave supplicant sharing billings with internationally celebrated acts like Wata Igarashi, VTSS, Rhyw, Rrose, Umfang, Sterac, Adam X, Tensal, and Developer. During the pandemic, they have remained fully plugged in and engaged by playing live-streams, recording mixes, and steadily working in the studio.

Beyond the dance floors and strobe lights, Furtive tinkers as a visual artist, illustrator, and tattoo scratcher. Their multi-faceted skillset brings techno into a new context with every new release.

Sympathies is a series of self-published releases by DC-based artist Furtive, showcasing an extensive genre-agnostic catalog of colorful original production. The fifth release in the series has the polychromatic producer revisiting and re-tuning their familiar psychedelic techno murk, making forays into exquisite and sappy new territory, and – inevitably – delivering fearsome acid.

Sympathies V features nine tracks of kinetic low-end energy, trippy textures, soaring n’ dreamy moments, and crunchy tuff stuff – all for maximum dancefloor wiggliness spanning from techno to drum and bass. Furtive is publishing the release on March 8, 2021.

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