Gene Farris Shares Some Productivity Wisdom for the Studio

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Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 18, 2020

Gene Farris Shares Some Productivity Wisdom for the Studio

It’s not easy to find success in a niche genre of music, especially when it’s in its earliest stages. This was precisely the case with Gene Farris in the 1990s, when the sounds of a mysterious new type of “house” music had begun rising out of the underground of his native Chicago. Inspired by this radical new sound, his path was clear: he was meant to live a life bringing it to the masses.

Nearly three decades later, Gene continues at a juggernaut pace; in fact, his love for the craft has only deepened. He continues to churn out track after track, all while running his Farris Wheel imprint and maintaining a heavy tour schedule when not in lockdown. It’s safe to say his work ethic is among the top, but how does he keep the juices flowing after so many years?

Gene was kind enough to shed some light on his process for 6AM Group. Just as his latest single on DIRTYBIRD, “Space Girl,” arrives on digital shelves, the house maverick dives into how lockdown has been affecting his creativity—and how he manages to keep his continual laser focus.

“Hello everyone! Gene Farris here—first off, thanks for having me and having me answer some questions for you guys.

My productivity and production in the studio these days even before the quarantine has been going very well. I’ve had almost all my songs signed and finished for 2020, and I’ve been making more new stuff already for 2021. It’s been an incredible time for me for creatively at the the moment, so I’m just riding the wave.

How do I keep my longevity and relevance through decades? First, thanks for recognizing my body of work of the years; it’s definitely had its ups and downs. I keep my longevity in this business because I try to always stay current. I make my music according to the times that we are living in at that moment. I try not to get stuck in a certain era of music—just because some of my peers may think that’s the sound of forever, I try to always think forward.

I’ve been making music since the ’90s sure from the golden era of music but it doesn’t mean my sound has to sound old and or dated. I wanna always sound fresh no matter what. That’s how I ultimately keep myself evergreen through the years!”

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