Future Legend Releases Collection of Eight New Works on ‘Under the System’

Future Legend New Collection
Author : Max Spruill
December 14, 2022

Future Legend Releases Collection of Eight New Works on ‘Under the System’

Future Legend is the alias of Chilean maestro Andrés Bucci who is mainly known for his abstract electronic beats on labels like Pier Bucci’s Maruca, Mike Shannon’s Cynosure and Dinky’s Horizontal. He has also collaborated with Kate Simko as Detalles for an album on the German label Traum and Kupei Musika.

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Andrés is based in the melting music pot of Berlin, his music producing career spans back to the late ‘90s and involves a vast array of equipment as his preferred creation method. Anaving played in the legendary Panorama Bar, Watergate, Weekend Club and international festivals like Mutek and Synch, he has a focus on live sets incorporating his beloved machines and analogue gear.

Returning to the UK label Hummingbird by BPZ that he seems to save for his Future Legend works, he has put together another grand collection of eight new works on ‘Under the System’ and we picked out some below.

Beginning with “Daily” which is a dreamy and slowed down trip with melodic drones and quirky hits. Third is “Future Fake” with deep and broody synths at play, while high pitched accents add an electro style. “Absolute Geheimnisse” steps into a tribal world of clinking micro house vibes with haunting highlights. “Station H” uses a layered bassline with expanding swells, metallic accents and chanting female vocals to create an extremely cool dystopian pop track. Its stuttering and crunching breakbeat style is probably our favourite offering here.

A magnificent album of curated content, this is one that may take a few listens to discern his obvious creative flair and interesting concepts of what dance music can achieve.Future Legend New Collection

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