Fur Coat Debuts ‘Time Ahead’ Out Soon on Oddity

Fur Coat debuts "Time Ahead" on Oddity
Author : Matt Draper
July 12, 2021

Fur Coat Debuts ‘Time Ahead’ Out Soon on Oddity

Oddity head honcho Fur Coat presents his new EP Time Traveler. Created especially for Oddity, the EP is is a very personal and profound piece.

“Ancient Stories” brings a melancholic and emotional atmosphere to start as the title track.  With arpeggios and grooves that slowly build up that unmask beautiful chord progressions. In particular, it is these unique synth tones that make up the main element of the track leading to a beautiful summer closing anthem.

 Listen: Fur Coat “Time Ahead”

“Time Ahead” shows a darker and deeper side. A unique arp synth plays with other quirky elements builds slowly to create a nice energetic atmosphere.

“Ephemera” is the grooviest track of the EP, filled with dark grooves and synths that make it very catchy. Last but not least is “Lost Days”. The final track evokes the sound of early 2000’s breaks but shaped to a modern approach where groovy bass, subtle vocals and beautiful synths all come together.

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