Free Samples From SampleRadar

Author : Micah
February 27, 2015

Free Samples From SampleRadar


Free Samples From SampleRadar

MusicRadar has always been a go-to site for producers, DJs, musicians, engineers, and artists. offering up tremendous amounts of material to check out. One thing that makes them stand out is their expansive library of sounds, and what producer doesn’t like free things?

MusicRadar has established itself as one of the industry’s leading providers of free samples through the SampleRadar section of their website. Clearly, the site is an amazing music industry resource, both on the creative and technological side of things. 

The SampleRadar page is a hub of free, pro-quality and royalty-free samples. It is frequently updated, includes tens of thousands of samples, loops, hits, one-shots and multis, spread throughout over a hundred instrument, genre, and subgenre-specific packs. These aren’t the typical cheesy, generic samples one might expect to find in a free pack; each of the samples was originally found on a Computer Music or Future Music magazine cover disc, and they pack a serious punch. Regardless of your musical taste, you will surely find dozens of packs to suit your needs within the extensive collection.

Whether you like house, breaks, or techno, these will surely come in handy. Virtually every one of my recent productions includes at least a few of these samples, and I’ve been using SampleRadar packs for over a year, periodically checking the site in for updates (which are not a rare occurrence by any means). Below you will find a list of and links to some of our favorite packs, as well as a link to the main page, where you can download all 48,453 of these phenomenal samples.

Click here for the main SampleRadar page (48,453 free samples)

318 Free Old-School Rave Samples

503 Free Techno Samples

587 Free Lo-Fi Samples