Free Download: David August Releases “Patria” featuring Sissi Rada

Author : Lee Trotter
October 06, 2015

Free Download: David August Releases “Patria” featuring Sissi Rada


A true musical craftsman, David August has a firm grasp on intricate melodies and compositions. His recent coloration with Greek vocalist, Sissi Rada, is a testament to that statement.

“Last year I met Sissi Rada. She was singing in Greek and playing the harp when I first listened to her. I asked her to record something with me as I wanted to use her voice for my music. We sat down, I played the harmonies on my Prophet 5 and she would jam over it. Her first take is the take you’re listening to.” – David August

Influenced by the unfortunate political and economic landscape of Greece, Patria conveys a sense of tension that is softened by the music of August and the vocals of Rada. Soft pads, a mellow bass, and gentle melodies play off a very organic drum groove that keeps everything together in one cohesive arrangement.

Have a listen and grab your free download below courtesy of David August