For Ellen Allien, Music Is Her Elixir

Author : 6AM
July 22, 2022

For Ellen Allien, Music Is Her Elixir

Within the techno community there is no doubt that Ellen Allien is one of the most respected djs, producers and label owners out there. Ellen is your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ; the influence to many artists that we look up to today. Her widely successful label Bpitch Control has been a techno taste maker since its inception in 1999. More recently through her Bpitch imprint, Ellen has released part 4-6 of her We Are Not Alone VA- a 36 track compilation of high quality techno that you expect from the label and the artist’s she picks. From having residencies across the world to being one of Berlins biggest acts, she has cemented her presence in the techno realm and is nothing short of legend status.

If you happen to be in North America, don’t miss her shows at Elsewhere in Brooklyn, US July 23rd and Piknic Electronik Montreal in Montreal, CA on July 24th.

Just a little while back at the techno mecca festival that is Movement Detroit, 6AM had the honor to speak with the techno titan about her about the importance of music, the current state of djs and producers, and how she connect with dancers with her signature dynamic sets.

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Ellen Allien

“… I try to connect with the people in a way. Of course the music is number one and also vibrations- Physical vibrations and maybe also some vibes you don’t see.”

How Ellen gives her self to the audience when she performs


Ellen Allien

“What I learned [during] the pandemic is that I can’t live without music. Music for me is my medicine, my elixir. And to do [music] by myself in the studio and to test it in the clubs… is just so much pleasure.”

Ellen finding her essentials to life


Ellen Allien

“I think you have to always take risks. You have to understand what you are doing…

If you have more understanding of music, you can take risks which sound amazing.”

Ellen is never one to shy away from risks


Ellen Allien

“Creativity is like ecstacy… it’s a process which is very rich for your brain… It’s like a child learning while playing.”

The creative process for Ellen Allien is a powerful force

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