Flow Music Releases New Aeyem Track with Super Flu Remix

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
June 06, 2022

Flow Music Releases New Aeyem Track with Super Flu Remix

Flow Music is a record label with a new release that features a remix from Super Flu along with original music by Aeyem —  a multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Melbourne, Australia. He is also a talented DJ who performs regularly at festivals and other large events in his home country. On Flow Music, this is his first official release.

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The solo original Reach the Water also features the vocals of Lakyn whose emotive singing style pulls on the heartstrings, while the melodic-house elements provide a deep and pulsating groove similar to the likes of Innellea and Ben Böhmer.


On the track featuring Lakyn’s sensual vocals,  it opens with spine-tingling ethereal pads that are soon joined by a pulsating bassline that radiates warmth through both tracks. The track is then pushed forward by groove-like drum kicks that add a hypnotic vibe.

Listen: AEYEM “Reach The Water” ft. Lakyn (Super Flu Remix) – Flow Music

German duo Super Flu also deliver their own remix on the track. Their immersive style has been released on record labels ranging from Diynamic and Stil Vor Talent to their own imprint Monaberry. Known for their unique melodies and vibrant, atmospheric percussive sounds, their remix on this release yet again shows how distinctive their music range is.

Super Flu’s version on the track is a deep and dirty re-tweak that utilizes the track’s original elements but now with their own dirty and infectious sounds. Shaky sounds with synths, vocals that glide effortlessly throughout, and thrilling riffs truly give the track a big and bold statement.


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