Field Trip Series: Ken Ishii at Razzmatazz, Barcelona

Author : DK
October 21, 2014

Field Trip Series: Ken Ishii at Razzmatazz, Barcelona

Ken Ishii live

Beautiful beaches, amazing pallea, and some of the world’s best nightlife. No, we’re not talking about Ibiza. But take yourself over to mainland Spain in the heart of Barcelona, and you’ll find abundant options to satisfy your clubbing desires. For the second installment of the Field Trip Series we take a look at Razzmatazz with Ken Ishii.

Razzmatazz is one of those clubs where, at first glance, many things come to mind. Take a look at their booking policy and you’ll find genres all over the dance spectrum. They’re just as likely to book a major electro night as they are to host a Get Physical Showcase, or bring in quality techno with Dvs1 or Ben Klock. The club is a spectacular establishment with 5 floors, yes…floors, of music; so there’s something for everyone. But every now and then, an artist comes through a city and one would be foolish not to be there. In this case, it’s Ken Ishii taking over the Loft at Razzmatazz.

He made an appearance at Razzmatazz in May earlier this year, and his upcoming set this weekend is highly anticipated. You can take a look and listen to two hours of his set at Razzmatazz in the video below:

In a major city like Barcelona there are so many options for what club to visit or what artists to see, but we couldn’t ever imagine missing a set from Ken Ishii. As an artist he has played a major role in establishing a scene in Japan, and giving the country major recognition within the international scene that seems to be so dominated by Europe. His seamless mixing is complimented perfectly with some of the finest techno in the world. The already enthusiastic Spanish crowd will be in for quite a treat as this Japanese legend graces the decks for what is sure to be another night of techno bliss.

If the United States had cheap Easy Jet flights to Spain, you bet we’d be on the first one out for this night. Stop by next week for another edition of the Field Trip Series to see what our next (wishful) destination will be.