Field Trip Series: Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand

Author : DK
December 16, 2014

Field Trip Series: Wonderfruit Festival, Thailand

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For this weeks Field Trip feature we travel (figuratively of course) across the world to Thailand for Wonderfruit Festival. But this isn’t your ordinary music festival. To be honest, it would almost be insulting to pin this down as just a music festival. Wonderfruit is a celebration of art, architecture, film, health, sustainability, and of course music. The three day festival will be taking place this weekend in Pattaya Thailand, and will showcase talent from a variety of genres. There are a tremendous amount of great live bands, but for the electronic fans they’re in for quite a treat.

In the months leading up to Wonderfruit Festival they’ve added heavy hitters such as Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Subb-an, Francesca Lombardo, Damian Lazarus, and many more notable industry names. So from an electronic music standpoint they’re obviously in good hands, but again this festival is so much more than just music. Wonderfruit strives on a collective experience that fosters creativity, health, and self-expression.

Soi StageOn their website they state that they are dedicated to practicing sustainability, and are taking many efforts to ensure that they follow through with their ethos. To exemplify this, look no further than Shrine On, one of the artists that will be designing the SOI Stage. The image to the left is one of his previous installations. His description on the site explains that he “is arriving at the festival site before anyone to single-handedly build his land structure from found objects and reclaimed materials around Chonburi”. Sustainable architecture to build a beautiful enclosure for one of the stages sounds like a great start in achieving their goals.

It doesn’t stop there though. Wonderfruit Festival encompasses so many different areas of life that I’d find it difficult to fully experience everything. However, that being said, it is a true testament to how special this weekend will be for the attendees. Wander into the lotus garden for a massage and meditation, or perhaps take a mountain bike ride through the beautiful landscape of Thailand. See what I mean about being more than a music festival? Wonderfruit is a festival of life and living it to the fullest. I would normally say that the music is always first, but Wonderfruit proves me wrong. In this case, the music is only a lovely compliment to a beautiful weekend experience in the beautiful country of Thailand.

But don’t get me wrong…after a day of hiking, boating, or visiting the festivals flee market…dancing the night away to the sounds of Francesca Lombardo and Subb-an sounds like a perfect way to continue the experience. Damian Lazarus also seems like he’ll be right at home in his element. From the temples in Mexico to the lush landscape of Thailand he’s certain to bring an eclectic mix of deep and spiritual dance tracks. Lovers’ Eyes seems to be appropriate for the occasion.

So much can be said about Wonderfruit Festival. Many festivals claim to be all about “innovative ideas” or “the headliner” and talk of being a unique experience, but at the end of the day they still just feel like music festivals. Wonderfruit appears to deviate from that, and looks like it will truly be the experience of a lifetime. To anyone in Thailand or in surrounding countries, this is a weekend not to be missed.

Obviously we can’t cover everything about the festival. It’s just so expansive, so for the comprehensive list of information head on over to their awesome website. How much is a flight to Thailand again?

Wonderfruit Festival: Official Site | Facebook