Feral Dives Into Spirituality with New EP via Mental Modern Recordings

Feral Mental Modern Recordings
Author : Nathan Christopher
June 01, 2021

Feral Dives Into Spirituality with New EP via Mental Modern Recordings

Pushed by his sensibility for depth in sound, Feral consistently digs deeper into spirituality throughout his work, distinguishing himself in the electronic scene for his tribal, mental sound and his off-the-grid live sets. Absolute Zero EP is the perfect reference of the concept that is at the core of the artist’s project. A powerful four-tracker EP surrounded by an atmospheric aura. This release on Mental Modern Recordings is a musical journey that starts from the depth of the sound and evolves into a mystical experience.

6AM Premiere: Feral “Gamma Ray” – Mental Modern Recordings

Marked by his awakened sensibility to depth, Feral carries a thread of spirituality throughout his work. He has embodied the spirit of deep techno, which defines his sound through his passion for audio engineering, hardware experimentation and fascination for percussive instruments. Feral’s affinity for the shamanic calls of the tribal drum have led him across the world to discover his defining sound. Finding comfort in the solitude of his studio, Feral’s visions emerge in the twilight hours of his native city, Rome. With a heightened sense of spatial awareness, the sounds of Feral unearth the path of his multidimensional world. Feral has recently started his own label, Aube Rogue.

True to his brand, Feral encloses a poem with a song:

A sense of fear floods my body,

my broken knees due to the crazy run  just concluded

I’m stuck, with a lost gaze,

In the memory of yesterday, I do not have

In the thought of tomorrow, I do not get

I let fall myself on a side, stunned

Hoping in a vane improvement,

I got drag, in a thoughts’ tunnel

and even more confused, I close the eyes, scared.

I do not understand what is happening to me,

I feel sweaty, suddenly I yell

is already the late daytime, I realize,

that I spent another night in the oblivion.

Another day I’ve lost,

And in this charm, I will stay chain

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