Fear The Sound of USUK

USUK Fear the sound
Author : Max Spruill
March 07, 2023

Fear The Sound of USUK

Mark EG and Chad Stegall are the duo behind USUK which recently dropped their debut album ‘Fear the Sound’.

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It is a 10-track release covering a range of styles that orientate around techno and its sub-genres such as electro. Mark EG is a DJ and producer from the UK who is known for his fast and furious DJ style that focuses on driving percussion and captivating synth hooks. Chad Stegall is a synthesiser maestro from America whose keyboard mastery is on full display with the album’s powerful melodies and atmospheric pads.

“Ready to Move (Intro Version)” opens the release with a trippy vocal and cinematic synths that create a dreamscape vibe. After the percussion is introduced, the album starts to unleash a dazzling array of captivating synth lines that are rich and thick with texture.

Many of the tracks have distorted or muffled vocals that add dystopian vibes to the dark atmosphere and shrouds the synths over tough percussion. “Unseen” is a track that has an electro vibe to it and it sounds like it could have been taken directly off the soundtrack of Tron or another classic sci-fi action movie.

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All of the tracks are structured in a way that makes them suitable for DJ use and there a definitely a few gems that would work wonders on a dance floor. It’s a very accomplished selection of tracks that also makes for good headphone listening.

Fear The Sound Album performed Live – Even Furthur Festival

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